Pet Memorials

Loved By Josephine Perriello
Loved By Kim & Jill Cowan
Loved By Adam & Catherine Olejarczyk
Loved By Wei Sun & Han Wang & Sugar Plum & many others
Loved By Erica and Chris Burky
Loved By Sabrina Andreucci
Loved By Judith Roberts and Stephen Penningroth
Loved By Larry & Debbie White, and everyone who ever met her
Loved By Debora Leighton
Loved By James Kieferdorf
Loved By Joachim Dankanich
Loved By Stella Jimenez and Ronald Zaleski, my dog Sam
Loved By The Willis Family
Loved By The Reeves Family Michelle, Tommy, Cooper and many many people
Loved By Rodney Pendell
Loved By Ned & Elizabeth Newlin

Pets Honored with Memorial Donations

Honoring these beloved pets who have touched our lives.

The Veterinary Cancer Society is devoted to improving the treatment of cancer in small animals.

Donor: Dr. Cheryl Harris and
Dr. Rebekah Lewis
Veterinary Oncology & Referral Clinic

In memory of Olive
Loved by Anne Stanek and Suzanne Withey

In memory of Athena
Loved by Patrick and Megan Wagner

In memory of Charlie
Loved by Daniel Cano

In memory of Grace
Loved by Anne Thornbury

In memory of Bella
Loved by Ethen Shelton

In memory of Addie
Loved by Leah Crist

In memory of Sophie
Loved by Julie Beckham

In memory of Polly
Loved by Max Howard

In memory of Kenzie
Loved by Terry and Lynn Miller

In memory of Lily
Loved by Dennis and Allison Crowley

In memory of Little Bear
Loved by Karen Stonecypher

In memory of Charlie
Loved by Julie Moore

In memory of Henry
Loved by Allison Johnson

In memory of Skye
Loved by William Knauber

In memory of Perry
Loved by Marissa Bowers

Donor: Dr. Cheryl Harris and
Dr. Rebekah Lewis
Veterinary Oncology & Referral Clinic

In memory of Tanzi
Loved by Alisa Fedders

In memory of Peaches
Loved by Jennifer and Julie Moore

In memory of Bear
Loved by Michael Iaconno and Barbara Scull

In memory of Tyson
Loved by Logan Beare

In memory of Tanuki
Loved by Michael Wood

In memory of Walter
Loved by Lisa Graham

In memory of Kibo
Loved by Dave and Connie Meyer

In memory of Ginger
Loved by Mike Hord

In memory of Dewy
Loved by Collin Zapanta

In memory of Baxter
Loved by Barbara Steers

In memory of Elvis
Loved by Bill and Denise Gibson

In memory of Stewie
Loved by Ivelisse Nieves and Luis Oscar Garcia

Donor: Dr. Sungwon Lim

In memory of Yokie
Loved by Denise Larson

Donor: Dr. Kevin Stiffler and
Dr. Courtney Mallett
Virginia Veterinary Specialists 

In memory of Scooter
Loved by Dale and Tom Shaw

In memory of Inara
Loved by Steve Stearns

In memory of Harley
Loved by Michael and Patti Caplan

In memory of Romie
Loved by St. Amand Family

In memory of Chance
Loved by John and Pam Whitt

In memory of Betty
Loved by Jeff and Beverly Evans

In memory of Marlee
Loved by Anne Kirkland

In memory of Harper Lee
Loved by Rachel De Jong

In memory of Jasmine
Loved by Kathy Braford

In memory of Ruby
Loved by Laura Mitchell

In memory of Dozer
Loved by Traci Lombardo

In memory of Pepper
Loved by Bruce Collins

In memory of Oreo
Loved by Bonnie Hagerman

In memory of Rubie
Loved by Vern Goering

In memory of Whiskey
Loved by Kate Passage