Loved By The Hurley Family

Remembering Buddy

Buddy Hurley was a feisty little French Bulldog. He was his Mommie’s heart too.

Buddy (Butter Bean) came to us as a rescue and was bewildered because his first family gave him up. He was a go-getter, always fetching (yes some Frenchies do fetch) balls and always having a favorite ball – his “precious”. Buddy was diagnosed with many ailments probably due to a lack of good breeding but with proper treatments he overcame them all and thrived in the Hurley household in Lexington, KY He followed his Mommie everywhere. He was Mommie’s boy but loved so much by the entire household.

The family relocated to Seattle in 2011 and Buddy was there with his brother Smasher to take in the sights and smells of his new city. In 2016 Buddy was diagnosed with cancer and this is where we met the wonderful Dr. Choy and his Staff at Seattle Veterinary Specialists. Dr. Choy provided excellent care for Buddy and that is why we were able to have him with us for double the time that was expected with his diagnosis.

Buddy was a precious, precious member of our family and we hope that someday cancer is eradicated so hearts don’t have to be broken because of it.

The Hurley Family