Loved By Chris Brown

Remembering Zoey

Zoey was a wonderful dog throughout the 13 years we had her. She had been abandoned at the side of the road when she was about 4 months old and people in the area saw her grow up hunting in the woods and digging for food in dumpsters until a rescue group got her.  We rescued her (or she us) as a 1 year old.  We were worried she would be wild and steal food but she never did. She learned quickly to be housebroken and was my constant companion at home and at the barn with the horses. She loved trail rides, throwing herself in water, and running through the woods hunting. We tried to find things she liked to do but she was not interested in rally, obedience trials, obstacle courses or dock diving. What she did like was being friendly to everyone around. We found her niche in therapy, and we went on to complete the AKC courses to get her to be a Therapy Dog. She was the sweetest dog to everyone – children at the library who read to her, elders at the nursing home, handicapped children and adults, and people in the hospital. She was a wonderful Therapy Dog for years and everyone loved her. She also loved my grandchildren and taught them how wonderful dogs could be. Unfortunately, she developed malignant melanoma, and lost her battle to this disease 9 months later. The cancer doctors who treated her were wonderful and she never minded going in to see them. She was truly an exceptionally loving dog and we miss her very much. We know we will see her at the Rainbow Bridge in the future – in the meantime, she will be getting lots of pets up in heaven.