Loved By Kristi Edwards

Remembering Wilson

Wilson was such a character and thought he was a retriever like the other dogs, but here in Florida he didn’t get to go close to the water because of all the gators we have so would have to wait until we made our trip to Tennessee to play in the lake there.

His favorite spot was sitting between the seats in my car and seeing where we were going as he loved riding with me everywhere. He even rode on the horses when we went out. But when a storm came you’d find him hiding in the closet under all the clothes!  He loved running as fast as he could and bouncing off the back of the couch and over the coffee table and into the other den and coming back til he was out of breath.

If Wilson was sitting in my husband’s lap and I came close, he would growl and you would think he was a pit bull or something. But when I was outside working he would lay on the back of the couch and not have anything to do with him until I came in and he would run to him and look around the corner to see if I was watching him. I honestly think he was dividing his time between the two of us but when I got out of bed and went to the couch, here he would come and sleep with me. He was truly my BEST friend.

I can’t seem to get away from the what if’s I had done this or that and such when he was so sick. I printed up a really good picture of him and put into a frame so that everytime I find a penny, dime or anything I can hot glue it to the back and think that maybe he is thinking of me too. You may think that I’m crazy but my kids are all grown and moved out on their own and he was my baby who went with me everywhere whether it be a four wheeler, lawn mower or the tractor.. He would stay in the air conditioned car and wait for me until I came out of the store and cried when I had to leave him. He slept in our bed under the covers up behind my knees and was always there for me when I was going through my tough times with kidney stones, cancer and such. I miss him so very very much as I know others miss their fur babies as well. This has just hurt me so bad this time I can’t seem to get over if I could have done something different.

Dog spelled back wards is GOD as GOD made him last and he was meant to be MANS BEST FRIEND…