Loved By Joachim Dankanich

Remembering Weiss

On 9/6/20 in Mesa,AZ, I lost my beloved 71/2 year old Rottweiler Weiss to lympho sarcoma. He was diagnosed in the beginning of June after an acute onset of malaise. I did my best to nurse him to health but only to succumb to this evil disease. Now, I only have his ashes to hold onto. Weiss had his negative quirks but was a gentle giant and provided only love. This makes three Rottweilers in a row I’ve lost at early ages to cancer. All three were from different breeders. My dogs are family and lived better than many people do. My breeder informed me of the toxic hazards that dogs [and people] are being exposed to in our homes. This isn’t fair. I miss my boy so much.