Loved By Todd Hearon

Remembering Titus

A funny story. My then girlfriend called me one day and asked if I liked dogs. I said I did and then she told me had she had just picked one up and was on her way home. Well the dog she picked up was Titus, a black and white Springer.  He has been a God send in my life. My girlfriend passed away a year later of cancer and I realized she got the dog in part to keep me company when it was her time to depart this world.

Titus was a great friend and companion. He had Hollywood looks, smart as a whip, and a gentle disposition. I miss our walks on the beach. I miss his snoring. I miss him greeting me when I came home. I miss his gentile spirit. He was truly man’s best friend.

Titus passed away from Lymphoma but battled it  for 18 months before I realized it was time for him to be at peace. My life was blessed with Titus. He was the greatest companion one could ask for. My heart aches, but I can only think of how empty my life would have been without him. I only hope to see him again in the life to come.

Rest in peace Titus. Love you pal.