Loved By Takin Khosrownia

Remembering Tango

Tango was the sweetest, most caring, most gentle soul in the world. My life is infinitely richer for having her to grace every minute of it. We met on my 11th birthday when she was just a kitten, and we would go on to spend the next 15 years together. She was incredibly smart, and she knew exactly what she was about. She would wait by the door for me to come home from school every day. She would often try to get me into bed if I was up late studying. When she was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma in 2019, I was absolutely crushed, but Tango was a warrior. She fought long and hard against cancer. I am so incredibly grateful for the incredible care she received from her oncologists. Without that, she wouldn’t have outlived every prognosis she received. After a little over three years, Tango decided her battle was over. She leaves me with the invaluable lessons that come with pet ownership, and her soul lives on in the love and care I give my two new rescue kittens. I’ll love and miss you forever and ever, Tango. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I hope I’ve done everything I could do for you.