Loved By Glen, Mary, Meg, Jake and Rachael Vogel

Remembering Sophie

Sophie joined our family in December 2011 after the sudden loss of our labradoodle.  Sophie filled that void and then some.  She was just a small puppy when we got her and quickly became the best dog ever.  She loved her family, running and playing in our yard and playing with her buddy, Gracie, next door.

On her first birthday she was very sick and our vet sent us to an urgent care vet to have her checked out. They diagnosed her with Steroid responsive meningitis.  From that time on, Sophie was on steroids to some degree.  Sophie loved everyone she met especially if you had a treat.  Sophie loved to travel with us.  Her favorite spots were Naples, Florida and Cleveland, Ohio.  They always meant fun family times for Sophie.

In April, 2017 she was diagnosed with lymphoma.  She endured several types of chemo with some making her very sick until we finally got her in remission. Unfortunately, it was very short lived. In the end the tumors grew so quickly that breathing and swallowing were extremely difficult and we ended her suffering.  She left us 12/18/17…8 1/2 months after her lymphoma diagnosis.

Not a day goes by that we don’t think of her and miss her and her way of making you feel so loved.  We miss you Soph a Doph❤