Loved By Brian and Jen Keiner

Remembering Solomon

We lost our sweet boy Thursday night, January 4th 2024. Solomon was the best addition to our family back in 2018. He mended broken hearts and filled our home with laughter and love. We realized by the age of 2 that he had actually been born with cancer. He fought hard for 3.5 years, going through numerous surgeries, countless drugs, harmful chemo, chronic pneumonia requiring hospitalizations, etc. Through all of that, he loved everyone he met, melted the hearts of every doctor and vet staff he crossed paths with, loved his frisbee and ball, devoured every meal, protected us from things like the neighbor dogs, birds and rabbits. He loved to be held, gave the best smooches and so much more. Though he cost us all the $$, I’m sure if you ask Brian and I if we’d do it again, we’d both agree..yes, we are thankful we had the means. He was the boss of his brother dogs and they are learning a new normal. The first chapter of Genesis tells us that God has given custody of animals to humans as part of our charge to ensure that we are caring for the world in such a way to provide for the flourishing of all its inhabitants. We are thankful for the companionship God gave us with animals and hope in God’s eyes we cared well for our boy.