Loved By Megan Wallace

Remembering Snoopy

Snoopy – “Good-Boy” – 1/3/2014 – 3/3/2024
Snoopy was born in Oklahoma in January, 2014 and adopted by his forever-family March of the same year, landing him in greater-Cincinnati. In typical Shorty-Jack fashion, Snoopy was filled with energy and loved to play, even after his puppy years. He could play ball for hours, always smiling as he returned it, ready to go again. He knew many tricks, even learning to howl “I LOVE YOUUU!” He was a lifelong companion to his mom for many years, right at her side as she worked, extremely loyal and protective. He did not like sharing ‘his person’. He was adored by many, as people were often shocked by his intellectual nature. Snoopy often watched television, especially Animal Planet, interacting and jumping at the screen. He was extremely loving, loyal, and truly the light of his family’s life. He was a big Mama’s Boy. He was diagnosed with cancer in January, 2024 and after a hard fight, lost his battle in March. He is extremely loved and missed by his family and many friends. Snoopy was a blessing to the lives he touched in his decade on this earth, and a unique soul that will never be replaced or forgotten. Until we meet again, Good-Boy.