Loved By Lisa and Bill Wojnarowski

Remembering Sly

Sly was truly an everyday hero. He was strong, unique and really enjoyed life despite all the tough things that life threw at him. He had the strongest 3/4 long tail and had the most intricate coat pattern that fit his large frame. He would bring us his catches, meowing with pride the whole way. He would chase toys and catch them out of the air while Bill and I threw them back and forth. He loved, loved, loved to eat and would trot into the room chirping away like he was singing “food, food, where’s my food”. He would cuddle and secretly like it as he grumbled because, well he’s a cat and he believed he was supposed to grumble. He would tear the legs off bugs, but rarely eat them. Roll in and eat, and then fall asleep in a pile of catnip. He got the zoomies after using the litter box, and loved the outdoors only if he didn’t have a leash. He enjoyed car rides, so he came along to enjoy the Christmas light displays. He was a true free spirit and we miss him. We were lucky for the quantity of life and quality of life we were able to share with him.

Sly lost his battle to lymphoma and passed away less than a month from his birthday. He was able to walk feel the grass between his toes, sit in the sun, nap with his humans and eat whatever and whenever he wanted. He was held by the people who loved him most- Bill and I. The staff at Vet Specialty Care came to say their good byes, even if they weren’t at work that day. 

You are loved and missed every day Sly.