Loved By Ashley Jones

Remembering Shakespeare

To Shakespeare,

I remember being alone one Christmas due to life circumstances and feeling very alone. I had lost my cat Hamlet about one year ago and was heartbroken and devastated. I lost my dad soon thereafter. I decided I was ready for a new kitten. So on Christmas Eve day I went looking for my Christmas kitten and couldn’t find one anywhere. Someone suggested I go to a Vet clinic called The Ark.  I walked in the clinic and saw Shakespeare swinging in a hammock in a cage. I looked into those gold eyes and knew immediately he was the one. I took him home that day.

It was only me and Shakespeare for his whole life and he became my life. He loved lying in the sun with me when I gardened. He loved a fire and hated my singing.  He was quite the character.

When he got cancer my world went silent.  I kept hoping it was a nightmare and soon I would wake up.  But it wasn’t. He received a round of radiation at NCSU which gave him a few months of feeling like a kitten again and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Nolan for those few months. I will always be grateful to Dr. Katheryn Taylor and her staff for being so wonderful and caring. The day Shakespeare died is easily one of the worst days of my life and I don’t know how I survived it. I can’t thank Dr. Taylor and staff enough for helping me that day. He’s buried in his favorite garden where I can still be with him every day. I honestly believe he was an angel sent to me at a time when I needed one. Sleep in piece my Christmas angel and I will see you on the Rainbow Bridge.

I miss you,