Loved By Rebecca Ni and Tom Lim

Remembering Sally

You were diagnosed with lymphoma when you just turned 4. You fought the cancer for 1 year and 4 months. You were such a brave little trooper who never made a fuss seeing your doctors. In fact, you loved seeing them. Your meds or eye drops were never a problem, you made caring for you so easy.

Even though you were taken from us far too quickly you lived a very exciting life. We are so grateful that we were a part of your life, thank you for letting us be a part of it. We went on so many adventures and road trips. If you couldn’t come, we’d rather be at home with you.

You were one of a kind. Multilingual, understood concepts that were beyond toddlers, fiercely independent. Red was your colour, your ears your signature. There will never be another like you. No one can replace you in our hearts. We miss you very much. Thank you for letting us look after you as your human Mum and Dad. Run free now and no more pain, our cheeky girl. We know we will be together again. We love you.

We wanted to thank Dr Maureen Cooper and her oncology nurse Ms Taye Gilligan from Melbourne Animal Cancer Care, Victoria, Australia. Thank you for giving us the extra precious time with Sally.

Rest in peace Sally – 28 May 2024.