Loved By Walter Ott and Marshie Agee

Remembering Rosie

We didn’t set out that day in 2014 to get another dog, but when we saw Rosie at the SPCA Care-a-van, standing on her hind legs and punching the air, we had to adopt her. She was a gentle and loving creature, incapable of malice or aggression. She was, however, both an imp and an inveterate klutz. We have never known a clumsier dog, capable of creating what came to be known as ‘cascading chaos events’ at any given moment. (Her habit of running full speed in one direction while looking in another may help explain this.) Yet she was also cunning and sly. Her love of food and attendant counter-surfing abilities were second to none. Her favorite chair was often occupied in the evenings by her father. Knowing Papa to be a sucker for play, she would go over to her toy basket and select a squeaky toy. Soon, Papa was out of his chair and ready for play; by that time, Rosie was in said chair, with an unmistakable look of satisfaction on her face. We’re grateful to Drs. Mallett, Stiffler, and Ryan at Virginia Veterinary Services for the additional good years they gave us with her.