Loved By Loved By Amy Woll

Remembering Rocky

Rocky was one of a kind. From day one he captured every heart he came in contact with. He was loving, patient, kind, silly, and the most faithful companion a girl could ask for.

When he was diagnosed with cancer it was the worst feeling. All I wanted to do was help him. With the help of Doctor Lewis, Rocky was able to enjoy another Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas & both his birthday & mine.  Rocky got a Petzi treat dispenser for Christmas that he thoroughly enjoyed. Don’t believe for a moment old dogs can’t learn new tricks. He got to swim another time, (which was his favorite thing to do). He was his happy playful self right up until the last moment.

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Lewis for giving me those extra 7 months with my precious boy. Thank you Dr. Lewis. Your kindness, compassion, & genuine love for animals is top notch.

You are a true gem.