Loved By Elizabeth Fall and Sean Lachenberg

Remembering Pepita

Pepita was a truly special, one-of-a-kind cat. Words don’t do her justice. Despite her short time on this Earth, her legacy will live on for years to come.

She came into our lives at just ten weeks old. She was a beautiful ragdoll kitten and had so much sass and personality from the get-go. She loved to chat and adored belly rubs. She brought her soon-to-be soulmate and fellow ragdoll kitten Nimbus out of his shell. She gave my partner and I the family we always dreamed of having.

In March 2021 at around 8.5 months old, she started coughing and wasn’t able to keep food down. We brought her to the emergency vet where a large mass was discovered in her chest on x-ray. We were referred to a specialist who after further testing, diagnosed Pepita with mediastinal lymphoma. We were absolutely devastated, but committed to treatment to give her the highest quality life possible for whatever time she had left.

During Pepita’s journey, she faced indescribable hardships, but she never gave up. Even when her prognosis appeared grim, she never lost her will to fight. She beat the odds several times and proved many wrong. She made our family so proud and continues to make us proud. She was the perfect patient and every vet professional she met fell in love with her because of her sweet presence and fighting spirit.

We always said that if Pepita didn’t want to fight anymore, we wouldn’t push her. In November of 2021, Pepita let us know it was time. We peacefully helped her across the rainbow bridge. When she passed she took a piece of us with her.

We miss her every single day. Her memory will live on through us, her thousands of instagram followers and all of the vet professionals who met Pepita and witnessed her strength and resolve. Never forget Pepita.