Loved By Tania Velez

Remembering Moose

Moose and I shared a short 7 months together. He was a gentle giant, a big ole sweetheart who instantly gave his love and trust. I knew he was an older pup who had a rough life. He struggled with severe arthritis, had a host of orthopedic issues and suspicious spots on his bladder. Nonetheless, I welcomed him into my home where he quickly bonded with me and my senior lab, Smokey.

Moose found peace lying at the front door watching life pass by. He was content to just enjoy every moment and hang out. He loved his dog bed and never turn down a treat or a cookie, or ANY food for that matter.  He didn’t “woof” much except when he was really excited, like feeding times. He always had a LOT to say when it was time to eat!

Tests confirmed Moose had bladder cancer and Dr. Hofer and the staff at VCA South Paws Veterinary Specialists treated him regularly for chemotherapy. Moose adored the staff at South Paws as well as the doctors and staff at Virginia Surgical Center & Rehabilitation who treated him weekly with laser and acupuncture treatments to help ease his aching body. Despite all of his health challenges Moose always had a wonderful temperament. He remained happy, friendly, good-natured and mellow and continued to offer all of his love and affection throughout his struggles and treatments.

Moose kept his “swagger” even as walks became shorter and medications increased. He maintained a heartwarming, cheerful disposition and his childlike excitement and curiosity never faded. He even got his “toes in the sand” at Dewey Beach before travelling became too difficult for us.

Moose, saying goodbye to you was hard. Heaven needed another 4-legged Angel and chose you.

You are remembered always & loved dearly- ❤