Loved By Susan Trauger

Remembering Molly

It’s a cloudy, rainy day as I write this about our sweet Molly B. I’ve had dogs my whole life, good dogs. I’ve heard people say there is “that one dog” that fails in comparison to all the others and “that one dog that is unlike any other”. Well our Molly was that dog for me. We got Molly from the Trenton Animal shelter in April of 2006. They had the name Fiona tagged on her, but she wasn’t a Fiona, she was a Molly. We had 2 other dogs at the time and Molly fit right in. She let our Buster, who was a big yellow lab, a gentle giant and our Cookie, a big red chow mix, know who was in charge. She definitely became the alpha dog in our home.

Molly was the sweetest little lady. She loved babies and whenever there would be any babies at our house she would sit right next to them in their pumpkin seat. If they would cry she would come over and see what was wrong. We don’t know if Molly had any puppies herself, but she was so motherly. She especially loved our 2 granddaughters, Summer and Hailey.

Molly loved to sit outside. I still see her sitting out on our hill or by our deck in the mulch. Her little ears would blow back in the wind on windy days. Molly was also very scared of thunderstorms and rain. If we were home when a storm rolled in she would come and sit right on top of me or my husband Blane. I will never hear rain or a thunderstorm again without thinking of my sweet girl. As beagles go, miss Molly was always on the stubborn side too. Dad always called you the pillow crusher as you loved to lay on the couch on the throw pillows. I’m convinced you knew those pillows were just for you.

I miss you so much Molly. I miss you sitting with me on the couch when I have my morning coffee…you liked coffee too. You were my little coffee buddy. I miss your howl when you felt like you weren’t getting enough attention. I can still hear your howl and see your little head rare back. I miss your little squeak noises that you used to make when we went on car rides or when we were at the vet and you saw other doggies and people and wanted to be their friend. I miss playing with you and your red ball. That was the best toy I ever bought you, although you always loved toys that squeaked. You loved making them squeak.

When we found out you had lymphoma we were so very sad. Dr. Kristen at Four Paws was great and she gave us 2 options. We opted for taking you to VORC and there we met Dr. Lewis and her wonderful staff. Everyone there was great and they gave us 5 more months with you. You handled the chemo treatments like such a trooper. You were playful and did well right up to the second to last day. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Lewis and her staff and all they did to help you and make you comfortable. While you loved everyone you came in contact at VORC I think you really just wanted to go for the “cookies”.

I will miss you always Molly B and will always love you. You will always have a special place in my heart that no one else will ever fill. The day you left us you took a piece of my heart with you. Rest easy sweet girl, always.