Loved By Ann & Eric Berg

Remembering Milo

Milo truly was the very best cat. He loved everyone and wanted to be part of everything. He ate dinner with us sitting on a bar stool right next to us. He ran to the front door to greet visitors and wanted a pet from everyone. He loved car rides, golf cart rides, sitting with us on the patio, rolling on his back in the sun. He was so much fun.

Eric and I returned home from a vacation to find that Milo had lost a substantial amount of weight and had lost his appetite.

We took him to our vet, Dr. Jansky. She suspected Lymphoma right away. We discussed our options with her and decided to do everything we could for Milo since he was only 9 years old. Dr Jansky referred us to Veterinary Specialty Care where we opted for chemotherapy. He was a trooper but sadly the treatments were not working. He was just wasting away so we had to do the only humane thing and put him to sleep and out of his misery. It was exactly 3 weeks from the time we first brought him to Dr. Jansky to the day he died.

We are still so very sad and hoping one day that the happy memories of Milo will replace the emptiness in our lives.