Loved By Mr. Kuczak & Ms. McGarrity

Remembering Mauser

Mauser was born on February 1, 2013. He was strong, brave, protective, smart and loyal. His favorite things included going for car rides, going on walks, opening his Bark Box, eating treats, going swimming, running around on the beach, laying in the sun in the backyard, playing in the snow, playing with his toys and always being by his humans side. Mauser always had a big strong bark without a mean bone in his body. He made friends with his brother (a bunny named Orbi) that he always kept a close eye on. Mauser always brought smiles to everyone who met him. He made friends at Atlantic Veterinary Internal Medicine & Oncology, Festival Vet Clinic, That Pet Place, PetSmart and The Mill. Mauser was always a very happy boy who would even smile for pictures. At every family get together Mauser was always the center of attention and would be in everyone’s family photos. He always wanted to be by your side no matter what. Mauser fought so hard against lymphoma, even in his final days. He ended up beating all odds and going into remission 3 times. We will miss all of the love and laughter he gave us throughout the years. But we know he is watching over us. Until we see you on the other side, Mauser.