Loved By Malana and David Choi

Remembering Mack

Saying goodbye to you was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  Your dad and I brought you home July 12, 2010 and for the last 11 years you have blessed our lives in countless ways every single day.  I’ll never forget watching you take your first steps in the grass, and watching you chase your little brother around the yard.  You were the sweetest, most sensitive, protective boy in the world, snuggling closer when you knew mom had a bad day, or never leaving your Gramster’s side as she recovered from knee surgery.  I’m gonna miss your mischievous nature and Cheshire Cat grin each time you caught a snake and tried to sneak it into the house (and the one time you did), or seeing you covered in mud on a completely dry day.  I’m gonna miss you curling up under your favorite Aunt Rissy blanket to watch Harry Potter with me for the hundredth time. You truly blessed everyone you came into contact with and they all loved you so much!

Your poor little body has been through so much over the years: broken toe, torn ACL, ear surgeries and lymphoma.  I miss you more than I can possibly say but I am at peace knowing that you are no longer in pain.  I know you are in heaven and can finally bark again, eating until you’re ready to explode again, chasing anything that moves again. For now, I am comforted that you will be watching over your little brother until one day when we will all be reunited as a family again in heaven.  I will love you forever my son.