Loved By Ned & Elizabeth Newlin

Remembering Levi

Levi the miracle dog left us on May 18, 2020, at the age of 13-1/2 years. At the age of six Levi was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent a regimen of chemotherapy that successfully put that disease in remission. Levi was known as a “rockstar” at his oncologist’s office. During the seven years after chemo Levi led a happy, active life frequently traveling with us throughout the United States. Everywhere he went Levi exhibited his never-ending zest for life while he gave kisses and cuddles to everybody he saw. As he would run up to greet a stranger we were sure he was saying, “Hi! I’m Levi and you NEED to meet me!” He was a goofy, but always obedient Golden Retriever who was a trained bird hunting companion and loved being in the field, always plopping down in muddy ponds while hunting. Levi happily went on daily walks and drooled over peanut butter. He also enjoyed many good years of wrestling and playing with his older Golden “brother” Roper who predeceased him by two years.

While our hearts are hurting, we choose to focus on Levi’s joy and enthusiasm for life as well as the love he had in his incredibly big heart. We were so blessed to have an extra seven-plus years with our Levi after his diagnosis. Our wish is that Levi’s lymphoma survival story provides a beacon of hope for other pet parents whose pets are fighting cancer. Many thanks to Dr. Sarah Gillings at Summit Veterinary Referral Service who called Levi “simply a very special soul.”