Loved By Annie Froelicher

Remembering JJ

My sweet JJ girl has always been a fighter. From the moment we found her to the moment she left this earth. When I first found her (04-15-2016), she was being hunted by coyotes. She was able to survive them hunting her. I fell in the love with her the moment I found her. She was all matted and her ears were a mess. We put her picture up to see if anyone would claim her. I was happy when no one did but at the same time I couldn’t believe someone wasn’t out there looking for her because she was perfection. JJ was my baby. She was my shadow. She was my love. We had a special bond. I just adored the ground she walked on because she was my everything. My husband would always joke because when I would look for her, he would say she is right behind you and she always was right there. I miss her so much. She was diagnosed with stage 4a b lymphoma in September 2022. She went through 17 months of chemotherapy and only went into remission for about 6 weeks. Also during this time she was diagnosed with diabetes and went blind. But she went to every appointment without any hassle and she fought so hard. I was happy to have the extra 17 months with her but I wish I had gotten more time. She left us on March 9. 2024. 8 years with her wasn’t enough time. I miss her each and everyday. I hope that someday there will be a cure for canine lymphoma. We lose too many sweet pups to this awful illness.