Loved By Grace Sommers

Remembering Jasmine

It seems today so much of our life is filled with chaos, suspicion, division, anxiety and fear.  We long for unquestioning love, loyalty and joy that for many of us our good warm furry companions provide.  They are really a safe harbor filled with warmth and acceptance in our lives of turmoil.  Intellectually we know these creatures that save us are like us fragile, susceptible to illness and destined to leave us.
After a few short years in our family our hearts are broken and our other dog Barbi seems so sad.  When we come home Barbi runs into the house to find Jasmine.  When we go for a walk she turns back because Jasmine is not walking with us.
We have shared our loss with other pet owners who have been unstintingly kind.  Our love for our dogs and our sorrow at their loss binds us.

Jasmine We MISS You