Loved By Margaret Sharp

Remembering Janie

Darling Janie came to me (under another name) when she was surrendered at about 9 years of age to the local shelter. Our breed rescue organization was contacted by the shelter, as she had been neglected and had a number of health problems, and they said she did not like being handled. In a while, she was much healthier and beautiful, and she stayed with me for the rest of her life. Her end came too soon, of course, after about 4 years of apparent health. She was diagnosed with a large tumor on her liver and was unable to come home. I can’t help feeling that if it had not been during the pandemic years, she might have been seen and diagnosed sooner. But the doctors and staff who cared for her were very kind, and I am glad that her last few years were happy with me and the other members of my little pack.