Loved By Yolanda DiFabio and Chris Copley

Remembering Jack Difabio

Our Accidental Dog

No one wanted this dog with quick black eyes and stiff white fur.
He never sat still. In every photo, a bright blur.

I only said I’d take him as a temporary foster
to quiet our grief, after our lab’s sad departure.

I hadn’t planned to keep him. A pretty collie was my goal.
But Jack jumped into my lap and touched my soul.

He proved charming, curious, eager to please.
Always up for a snack, especially cheese.

Within a week, we were bonded. We were quite the pair,
There wasn’t much we didn’t share.

Essentially inseparable, for he was quite insistent,
I nannied kids with my sweet canine assistant.

He adored my husband and every kid — we became his beloved pack.
We went on walks together–he was our Union Jack.

Smiling and handsome, he had spiky fur most awesome.
I called him half terrier, half possum.

He loved to scout ahead on walks, exploring nooks and crannies.
He wanted to meet everyone — kids, adults, and grannies.

Scavenger hunts, traveling, and wading — these were fascinating.
But how he hated to be left behind or kept waiting.

And then one day, not so hungry. That morning’s walk, he lagged behind.
We took him to the vet, afraid of what they’d find.

Their sad verdict: cancer. A liver tumor. We felt so bereft.
We had only weeks, maybe months, with him left.

We hadn’t favored surgery, but the testing said be open,
The thought of maybe five more years — that’s what we were hopin’.

But instead the end came quickly. One morning, we’re sharing bacon.
Five days later, he was taken.

We miss our buddy so. His zest, his tricks, his every snack.
Someday we’ll smile again, but for now we miss our Jack.