Loved By Jon, Katie, Peter & Samantha

Remembering Hank

2008 – 2023

There’s an end to every great story.

15 years of unconditional love and unwavering companionship from a stray puppy rescued in southern Kentucky at the age of ~4 months. Hank picked us when we weren’t even looking for a dog, and filled our lives with love, laughter and friendship until his very last breath.

He battled lymphoma his last 3 months, and despite the cancer and chemo, was still up for his daily walks and following us around like he always did.

Hanky – we hope you loved your life as much as we loved having you a part of ours all these years; it doesn’t feel the same without you here.

On sunny days we promise we’ll look up and feel the warmth on our face and remember how much you loved that. You taught us so much about what really matters.

Please watch over our family and wait for us to see you again. We will never stop thinking about you.

All Our Love,
Jon, Katie, Peter & Samantha