Loved By Wei Sun & Han Wang & Sugar Plum & many others

Remembering Hank Aaron

Hank has touched so many lives in his short but beautiful life. Hank has the most loving character, both fearless and sensitive. He is afraid of nothing and would risk his life to protect us. He also loves us so much that he is so sensitive to even the smallest emotion that we have and can understand everything we say or even before we speak. He loves us so much that he always tries his best to behave and wouldn’t do anything that he thinks might make us unhappy, to the point that we even want him to break some rules once a while like typical dogs. Hank is the strongest dog we know, and it takes a strong man to walk him in case he gets excited by small lizards or squirrels. Hank loves to swim, he always has the best time swimming in rivers and ocean. Hank has the shiniest eyes more beautiful than jewelry stones. Hank has the happiest smile that can melt your heart and make you laugh with him. Hank was a warrior, he never gave up to cancer and was still able to eat a lot of meat balls at his very last day. Hank is also a beloved big brother, he loves and spoils his little beagle sister, Sugar Plum. Weighting thirty more pounds and can beat anyone in the dog park, Hank chooses to let Sugar be his boss the day he met her. Hank, we are so lucky to have you and we missed you so much!