Loved By His dad, mom, and 4 legged siblings

Remembering Duke

I’m not sure where to start because 300 words and one picture will never be enough.

Duke was one of the gentlest, most pure souls I have ever known, and the way he came to be ours was nothing short of a miracle. He had such a big personality and was a laid back, patient and comical boy. He was 130 lbs of pure love. He loved each and every one of his 4 legged siblings as much as his humans, and he was a big time cuddler with all of them. He never deserved cancer; Of course no one does. He was diagnosed with bone cancer and lymphoma earlier this year, and devastatingly we lost him this past Father’s Day. His gentle and loving presence is missed every second of every day, as well as his silliness. He’d “speak whale” like Dory on Finding Nemo when he got excited, and he adored going for “bye byes” as often as possible. He’d run excitedly around the kitchen island when he knew we were going. He was full of concern for others. He stayed by his dad’s side when he was sick from heart disease, and when his older four legged siblings weren’t doing well, he was right there with them. I’d often look over at him and catch him giving this sweet, appreciative look from across the room like the one in his picture. We were blessed to get to love and care for him on this earth, and I thank God every day for that.