Loved By Greg Johnson and Amy Meyer

Remembering Dexter

They say that a dog is “man’s best friend” but this man’s best friend was a ginger cat named Dexter. And if I were putting these thoughts on paper, the ink would be running with tears.

When my wife first found Dexter at a PetsMart, I resisted adopting him because at the time we had at least 3 other cats. He was placed there by a Pet Rescue and was in need of veterinary care (not their fault). I eventually caved-in and never once did I regret our decision.

Dexter was the happiest little guy and we nicknamed him “Little Bit”. He soon became my tiny shadow and oh how I miss him. A shining light, he was always there to greet us whenever we returned home. Our big house is a lot darker now and I’m still looking around for him even though I know he’s gone.

If there is a Heaven and I make it in, he’d best be waiting for me along with our other pets or I’ll know that I’m in hell. I thank God for the time that we had with him, he was awesome. And no one has ever loved any pet more than I loved Dexter… this man’s best friend. 💔