Loved By Charles and Chiaki Smith

Remembering Dallas Silver Bullet

We got Dallas from a breeder in Dallas, Texas.  We also got a female, Dixie, from another litter.  When they brought the litter out, one male dog walked right up to me sat down and looked up as if to say “I’m yours,” and he was.

Dallas endured a couple of problems in his 10 years of life.  He had a tooth problem and eventually they all had to be pulled.  But that didn’t stop him at all. He was one of the most loving dogs always wanted attention.  He would climb on my lap and go to sleep or he would want to be held on my shoulder like a baby.

Earlier this spring, doctors found a tumor, removed it, but it was found to be cancer. Dallas went through months of four different chemotherapy drugs but it just wasn’t enough. He developed many mast cell tumors on his belly and between his legs causing terrible discomfort.  The doctors and staff at Veterinary Specialty Care were fantastic as they treated him with love and care.  He felt safe and happy to see them at different times.

After 10 years as a loving, obedient, and loyal part of the family, Dallas lost his fight against cancer but I still have all the memories stored in my heart and think about him everyday.  Until we meet again, I love you and thank you Dallas Silver Bullet.  Pictured is both Dallas (left) and Dixie. Both died from cancer.