Loved By Painter Family

Remembering Daisy

Daisy blessed us with her presence for 9 short years.  She came into our lives the same way she left us, with grace and dignity.  I adopted Daisy when she was two from a shelter in Texas.  We went directly to the airport, where she quietly rode under my seat on our way to DC.  She then sat silently on the front seat of my car as we drove the 2 hours to my parents’ home in the Shenandoah Valley.  She settled in immediately with her Granny and Grandad, Kevin, and Teresa.  Her big sister Maddy welcomed our Daisy Girl, and they became inseparable.  Because of my work, I left behind my sweet one knowing she’d be spoiled by my parents.  I visited every chance I could.  Daisy never demanded our love.  She was just too darn sweet not to love.  I was by your side when you came into our lives, and Grandad and I were beside you when you left.  Our hearts are broken.   We miss you every day.  But we are comforted knowing you are no longer suffering.  I saw the rainbow around the moon the evening of your death on March 25th.  Thank you for letting us know you are ok.  Until we see you again.