Loved By Vicki Lynn

Remembering Cricket

To say that my Cricket was an exceptional dog is an understatement.  Cricket was one of three fur babies that we had.  And while I love all of them so very much it was Cricket who was my best friend.  When we were ready to go out she always leapt into my arms.  Not once did she wait for me to pick her up, it was always a leap into my arms.  And if we were outside, while the other two were down running to and fro looking for adventure she would be found lying by my side only getting up to chase a squirrel or cat that had wandered into our yard.  While going for car rides she was content to sit in the seat beside me until we were done with our chores and let her brother ride in my lap.  But when it was time to head home (and somehow she always knew ) then she would wiggle him out of the way as if to say “my time” and she would crawl into my lap, stand up on her hind legs and ride watching the road in front of us.
She was humble, she had a beautiful bark, the softest fur, and the most amazing ability to stare into your very soul when you talked to her as if she was soaking in every word. She wasn’t smart like her brother.  The only trick she knew was to “turn around in a circle” for her food.  Next to her mommy and chasing squirrels she loved to eat.  Every evening after dinner she would beg for her daily treat.  And sometimes if no one saw me give it to her she would ask them for another one.  (smile).
We found out through another illness that our girl had bladder cancer in August of 2016.  My world shattered, because after researching I found out that the average dog lives 6 – 12 months.  But God blessed me far more than I deserved by allowing us to have her three years and eight months.  At the end of Jan of this year she became really sick and was hospitalized with Kidney failure.  She was sick on and off for the next three months.  Then one Saturday she just stopped eating, and by Monday she was not able to walk.  We had taken her to the vet the two days before and test were run so when I called to say she was still declining we were told that per test results it was time to say goodbye.  I had tried to prepare myself for this day,  and in my heart I knew I was doing the last act of love I could do for her.  I placed my face on hers until my baby took her last breath.  The day she was diagnosed I promised her two things, one was that we would fight with everything we had to keep her healthy as long as we could and two that she would not suffer for one minute past what was necessary.  I kept my promise to her.
I can’t write her story without mentioning her wonderful vet.  Dr. Cheryl Harris.  She was so kind, and so caring to our girl for the entire three years and eight months.  Everything she did was to keep Cricket healthy.  I am so thankful to her for everything she did.
And lastly and most importantly I thank God for answering so many prayers.  He gave me the best gift when He chose me to be Crickets earthly momma.  He blessed me more than I ever deserved to allow me to keep her longer than the average life span with her disease.  He answered my prayer of never letting her suffer to much.  He also gave me the strength I really didn’t think I had to be able to let her go and to be there when she transitioned from this life.  She is in the Creators hands, and there is no better place she could be.  And I thank Him so much for being my strength to get through each day without her.  It’s truly the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I will never stop missing my girl.  I know this.  My life is forever changed.