Loved By Spurgeon and Vertie Wade

Remembering Chopper

To Chopper who came into our lives in 2012. Your sire was the K9 officer for the Sheriff’s Office where your new Dad was a deputy. You were such a wonderful companion to both of us. In 2016, you got me through a dark time when your Dad was very sick. You were his boy, but my baby. You were so smart, sweet and loving, and so protective of us. But you didn’t like the UPS trucks/drivers. Twice you were sprayed by a skunk, bitten by a copperhead, and then that dreaded day in March 2021 diagnosed with anal sac adenocarcinoma. You went through surgery in April but the surgeon was unable to get clean margins. You weathered 5 rounds of chemo, and you were such a good boy. In the fall your ultrasound, blood work, etc. came back good. We were so relieved. In Feb 2022 we were told the horrible news that the cancer had metastasized and started oral chemo. On April 7th, the area had grown in size and another chemo drug was added. After the first dose you were lethargic but that was to be expected. Saturday you had a burst of energy, played Frisbee with your Dad which you loved, and so did he. Sunday you were lethargic again. Monday you weren’t feeling good and seemed to be in distress, so we took you to see the oncologist. Little did we know when we arrived, we would not be bringing you home as the cancer had spread throughout your beautiful body.

April 18th was the hardest day of our lives to make the decision to let you go. We miss and love you so much. You will always be in our hearts.

Love Dad and Mom