Loved By Steve & Dawn Pleticha

Remembering Cheyanne

Cheyanne and Ruby who were born on January 24, 2012. We met them when they were just 4 weeks old. Cheyanne had light golden color curly fur and was the runt of the litter. We were initially attracted to Ruby due to her beautiful reddish coloring and playful personality. While we were playing with Ruby, Cheyanne came along and climbed into our daughter’s lap and then took a nap. We knew immediately that these two sisters were destined to be part of our family!

Cheyanne was the most loving dog you could ever imagine. She loved to cuddle and thought of herself as a lap dog in spite of her 100 plus pounds! She would nudge and cuddle us whether we were on the floor, sofa or bed. She woke up every morning full of joy. She had a signature bark to greet each day which was a cross between an actual bark and howl which sounded like a Woo, Woo, Woo. She would wag her tail 100 MPH and rush downstairs for her morning treat. Then we would go for our morning walk which they both loved!

Cheyanne never met a person or animal that she didn’t become friends with. She had an uncanny ability to sense one’s mood and then do whatever it took to make you smile, pet her and possibly give her a treat too! She loved to play in the pool with her sister Ruby. But she was content to watch Ruby swim laps while she just laid on pool stairs and relaxed.

Cheyanne was diagnosed with Lymphoma on February 12, 2017 and started weekly chemotherapy shortly thereafter. She made friends with the veterinarian and technicians that administered her chemotherapy. They commented how good natured she was & how she always wagged her tail when leaving their facility. Initially Cheyanne responded well to the chemotherapy. But sadly the lymphoma came back with a vengeance and Cheyanne crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 6, 2017.

We are beyond sad losing Cheyanne in the prime of her life. Words truly can’t express how much we all miss her. But we are so grateful that we were the fortunate recipients of her love. She had the amazing ability to make each of us feel better just by her sheer presence and loving ways! Cheyanne will never be forgotten and our love for her will never die as she lives in our hearts and souls until we meet again!