Loved By The Buckler Family

Remembering Caitlin

Caitlin was our sweet angel, she brought us happiness!!  I chose her out of a liter of seven, she looked like her mom.  She was so little and sat in my lap and I put her little pink collar on to choose her.  Caitlin was a Christmas present for my son, we surprised him with her on Christmas Eve.  She learned many tricks, high five, shake and jumping in circles, when told to stay pretty.  The best trick she learned was on a evening when it was her dinner time. I told her if she wanted fed, she had to bring me her dish.  Caitlin went and picked  up her bowl  and dropped it by my feet.

She was our sweet, born on Veteran’s Day girl, my Pooie girl. I nicknamed her Pooie, from a puppy because she had so many accidents before being fully potty trained.

On Thanksgiving last year, she became ill.  I took her to Dr. Craig and she ran tests and Caitlin was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  I chose the path of Chemotherapy with Dr. Lewis, to give her and us more time.  Caitlin enjoyed our weekly ride to see Dr. Lewis.  It was Caitlinand  Gammie time.

Caitlin passed away in June peacefully by my side in the night.  She is truly missed!!  I amry thankful for Dr. Lewis and her awesome staff, also Dr. Craig and her awesome staff!!