Loved By The Munsami Family : Wife-Xena, Dad, Megan, Mum-Cheryl, Grandparents Janee & Raja, Aunt-Karen.

Remembering Buster

Our beloved baby Buster Munsami

Born: 25/12/2012 – Departed: 16/05/2020

A jovial, lovable, wonderful and truly loyal soul is what he was from beginning to end. Although Buster was diagnosed with bone cancer, he never let it get to him, even when in pain he never showed it. He was nothing short of brave, nothing short of perfection, he never left an opportunity to get up and wag his little tail to show his excitement. He loved going for walks and loved his life with us. He was a fighter. Even in the end he kept showing his strength.

There’s an empty space where he used to lay & the pain in our hearts won’t ever fade away,

We couldn’t have asked for a better friend he was a  faithful companion until the end.

We love you dearly Buster & want you to know you will never be replaced. When we named you ‘Buster’ do you know what it meant? It meant extraordinary one of a kind, big and brave that you were …great memories is what you left behind you will always be in our hearts until the end of time.

R I. P. precious baby, you left paw prints in our hearts, we love you lots.