Loved By The Robertson Family

Remembering Bentley

Bentley was the light of our lives. He was goofy, silly, crazy, wild, fun, obsessive, loving, protective…I could go on forever. Bullterriers are a special breed, and he truly lived up to the reputation. We got Bentley at 6 months old, and he was the cutest little piglet. He was the runt of the litter which always made me laugh because he became one big boy! We fell so in love with him, and it became hard to imagine life before him. Bentley loved his ball, his babies, his yard, and most of the time his cat brother Mimi. He was a friendly boy with a big bark, required constant belly and head rubs, loved to drink water out of the hose, and could spend all day at the beach in the water. Bentley developed a lump on his shoulder that was diagnosed as a soft tissue sarcoma, and we had to make the difficult decision to amputate his front left leg. It was a scary time, but we believed he would come back happier, healthier, and even goofier as a tri-pawd. And for a little while that was the case. He started to get his energy back and running around his yard just like before. Unfortunately, not long after the surgery we found a different type of cancer and started chemo and other treatments immediately. He did good for a few months, but eventually Bentley was no longer living his happy and silly life. Saying goodbye was so hard but seeing him suffer with cancer was worse. We will never forget our sweet baby bully. He was our son and made our family complete. We miss him SO much.

Rest in peace Bentley Boo, my love bug, baby bear. July 4th 2011-May 9th 2022