Loved By Wade Thomas

Remembering Bailey

Funny thing about dogs. They bark you tell them to be quiet. They squat on the floor as puppies you yell at them then grumble to yourself as you clean it up. They come into the house all muddy and you scream when they wipe themselves on the couch. You try to work and they’re always there trying to get you to pay attention to them. They are tormentors and treasure. When you feel down in the dumps they stare at you as if to say “what’s wrong with you”? “Let’s play”! When they get older they are your faithful friend and companion. When you lose them there is a hole in your sole that can never be filled. The activity stops. The noise is gone and it is so quiet. If you own a dog you know exactly what I am saying. If you don’t own a dog go get one. It is one of the most frustrating and wonderful experiences you will ever have. BAILEY THOMAS 2013-2021