Loved By Rebecca Phillips

Remembering Arly

Arly came to me after showing up on our farm where I no longer lived. From day one Arly loved every person and critter he met. Because I am a senior Arly kept me moving but because he needed exercise he went to doggie play and loved the time with his people and doggie friends! Unfortunately, there came a time when he said something is wrong. He was still very happy just being home, but I knew something was very wrong. He was seen by his vet, but things got worse. After a visit to get a second opinion he was diagnosed with lymphoma. We began his treatment and after the first he was so much better. Unfortunately, after the second treatment he let me know, it was time to go. Being a senior, Arly was the center of my life, the light in my day, so it was the most difficult loss because he was only 5 and most probably my last fur baby. His loss has been heartbreaking, but my time with him was such a wonderful gift. He will be in my heart always.