Loved By Debbie Forte

Remembering Akayla

15 years ago I lived in an apartment that didn’t allow any pets, let alone a pitbull. I wasn’t going to allow that to stop my stubborn self. For I had fallen in love at first sight with a big eyed baby pit.

April 13th 2021 my Kayla passed away quietly in my arms. She was surrounded by family and tons of love. Kayla beat anal sac carcinoma cancer 3 years prior. She went through surgery & several months of chemo. She was a fighter and didn’t let it slow her down at all. We believe Kayla developed a non-related brain tumor which ultimately led to her passing. When her Oncologist of 3 years, Dr. Michelle Silver, made this donation in her name, I was honored.

Kayla came into my life during a phase where I needed her most. She was fiercely loyal, protective, independent and could be stubborn as a bull. She was one tough cookie but the absolute sweetest and gentlest girl you’d ever meet. She always knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it. We were 2 peas in a pod, made for each other. My ride-or-die. My constant. Tried and true. I am SO blessed that she was my baby girl & I was her momma. The connection her and I had is more than I ever could imagine. The absence of her presence is beyond measure. However I am eternally grateful and will cherish all the time we had together.

Thank you my Kayla for countless memories of love, loyalty, joy & laughter we shared over the last 15 years. You made my life better for being in it. Rest easy my baby girl. You did the best job. You are the best girl ever! Go run, hunt and be free. Until we see each other again, I’ll keep you in my heart where you’ll never die.

Rest in Paradise my Sweet Pea
Akayla 1.1.2006 – 4.13.2021