Loved By Tim Papin & Family

Remembering Abbey

How does one sum up the life of a beloved companion and one of the great dogs of our time? 

Abbey came into the life of her Dad as a 7-week old puppy – seconds into entering her new forever home she pooped on the living room floor – it was love (and a bit of panic) at first bowel movement. Abbey was filled with love and light and goodness.  She was kind, sweet, snuggly and empathetic; always ready to play or settle in for a nap on her giant Queen-sized dog bed.  She and her Dad walked twice a day for over 10 years.  She was a local celebrity – neighbors would honk and wave when they drove by. She loved treats and cheese; she loved smelling flowers and plants and bushes; she loved seeing her fellow dog buddies around the neighborhood but most of all she loved people; she would immediately flop on her side asking for a belly-rub. 

One morning at age 7 she couldn’t walk – her paw was swollen.  The vet said it was a degranulated tumor (cancer) and her Dad’s heart sank. Luckily it turned out to be largely benign. The next two years were filled with small bouts of chemo and various surgeries as tumors appeared, but overall, they were good years (with the amazing help of Dr. Rebekah Lewis). In October 2022 the original tumor on her paw returned, only this time it was an aggressive, life-threatening cancer.    

Abbey passed on 12/23/23, after a year-long battle; she was at home, in the arms of her Dad and surrounded by the love of her Grandpa, when she passed – she was 10½. 

Abbey touched the lives of everyone she met. She and her Dad never spent a single day apart.