Loved By The Werner Family

Remembering Dottie

Our sweet Dottie. We miss her greatly. She came through many hard things in her life. And as a family we learned a deep lesson about love and forgiveness with her.

A little bit about her story. We adopted her from a Dalmatian rescue. She was found as a stray. When she came to us she immediately became my shadow. She was approximately 7 years old. She adapted quickly and well in our home and our other 2 dogs. Also when we got her she could hear certain sounds. Over time she lost her hearing. One of our other dogs, Liberty, took her under her wing, even waiting for her when it was time to come outside after she became sick. When Dottie first went to Dr. Harris, she knew right away the cancer we were looking at, she was stage four. Dr. Harris and her staff were friendly and professional throughout her treatments. She was able to give us and Liberty 7 more months with her. Dottie was a trooper with her treatments. Her cancer was stubborn, Dr. Harris would knock it down and allow Dottie a break. Unfortunately it came back several times. Dr. Harris tried all of her tricks. We are deeply grateful for all her knowledge and love. Eventually Dottie was too tired and gave all the fight she could, we will cherish the time we had with her. She is family forever. Her fight ended when she was 15 years old. Here she is in healthier days.