Submission opens May 1

Abstract Information

2024 VCS Annual Conference Abstract Submission Rules

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION OPEN & CLOSE: Open: May 1, 2024. Close: June 21, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST via online method only. Link to submission at bottom of page.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT: All presenters must be a current VCS member OR sponsored by a current VCS member. Non-member presenters must enter the name and email address of a VCS member who can verify their sponsorship of the abstract. A VCS member can sponsor only ONE non-member abstract.

Residents who wish to be considered for one of four Resident Abstract Awards MUST BE a current VCS member or a New Professional who is presenting their resident project. Non-member residents who submit an abstract will be considered for general abstract presentation on Friday or Saturday and are not eligible for awards.

To join or renew your membership in VCS visit JOIN/RENEW ONLINE.

PRESENTATION TYPE: Unless “poster only” is selected during the submission process, the program chair will select the presentation method of each accepted abstract.

FORMATTING & SUBMISSION: Abstracts may not exceed 250 words for all four sections combined. The title, authors, affiliations and references are entered in other fields and not a part of the 250 word count. The abstract must include an introduction with study objectives, a brief description of the materials and methods, results and conclusions of the study. Photos, diagrams, tables or graphs are not allowed. Each author is fully responsible for the content of the abstract. Be sure to press the Save and View Abstract button to review your submission and complete the application process.

CONFIRMATION AND EDITING: An email confirmation will be delivered upon submission. If you do not receive the confirmation email contact The confirmation email will contain a link that will allow editing of an abstract until the submission deadline of June 21. DO NOT resubmit the same abstract.

GRADING & NOTIFICATION: Submissions are reviewed by board-certified VCS members. Successful applicants will be notified via email by July 15th and are required to accept or reject their assignment to either poster or oral presentation by July 22.

Abstracts will be graded using the following criteria:

  • Is the study relevant to the attendee group? (e.g. important to the diagnosis, treatment or prognosis of a oncologic disorder, or contributes to the understanding of tumor biology)
  • Does the study present new information?
  • Is the study design clear and appropriate?
  • Is the objective/hypothesis of the study clearly stated?
  • Is the abstract clearly and concisely written?
  • Are the study conclusions supported by the abstract content?

RESTRICTIONS & REJECTION: Multiple abstracts may be submitted. Abstract(s) selected for presentation will be determined solely by the program chair and committee. Single case reports will be automatically rejected. Any abstract with only “data to be presented” or some iteration of this comment will be refused.

SELECTION OF ABSTRACTS: Abstract selection for any VCS conference will be based on scientific merit and programmatic suitability to the membership. The presentation of any abstract does not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendation of the Veterinary Cancer Society.

PRESENTATION AT THE CONFERENCE: We expect that those who are invited to present an abstract will do so in person.

ORAL PRESENTATION SCHEDULE and TIMING: Resident abstracts in competition will be presented on Thursday afternoon. General oral abstract will be presented on Friday and Saturday. Presentations will be 12 minutes long with 3 minutes for questions. All presentations must include a financial disclosure and/or conflict of interest statement.

Everyone selected to make an oral abstract presentation will be required to upload their CV when accepting their assignment by October 15th.

ORAL PRESENTATION DESIGN: All oral presentations must be designed to fit on a 16×9 screen. Your oral presentation must be 12 minutes in length followed by 3 minutes of questions. All presentations must include a financial disclosure statement and, if pertinent, a conflict of interest disclosure. We will be using PC’s at this conference. Please be sure that your submitted presentation will work on these computers. You will not be allowed to use your own computer to present your abstract.

UPLOADING ORAL PRESENTATIONS PRIOR TO CONFERENCE: Oral presentations must be uploaded by 11:59 pm on October 15th. Instructions for uploading presentations will be emailed to all presenters via email in early October. The link provided will be specific to the speaker and their specific abstract so presenters may not share the link with others. Microsoft PowerPoint on a PC format will be the only platform supported for the conference.


  • Posters must be 3.75 feet tall by 3 feet wide and hung on the designated board. NO other dimensions are allowed. Two posters must fit side by side on a board.
  • Do not leave collateral material, flyers, business cards or storage tubes alongside your poster.
  • Posters must be hung on Thursday and remain in place until 12 p.m. on Saturday.
  • We encourage all poster presenters to stand with their poster on Friday morning during the poster viewing period. Residents are REQUIRED to stand with their poster in competition.

ABSTRACTS PRESENTED ELSEWHERE, PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED OR SCHEDULED TO BE PUBLISHED: Abstracts presented elsewhere may be allowed as long as cases have been added or data has matured since the last presentation. Any abstract published, or scheduled to be published, within 6 months of the conference (April 17, 2024 through October 17, 2024) is eligible for submission, presentation and Resident awards.

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION: All those selected to present a poster or oral abstract must be registered for the conference by August 1 or their abstract will be removed from the proceedings prior to print.


  • All residents in oral or poster competition must attend the Closing Event on Saturday evening for the presentation of awards.
  • All oral resident oral abstracts will be presented on Thursday afternoon.
  • All Resident poster abstracts will be presented on Friday morning followed by viewing of posters.
  • When submitting an abstract, Residents must select whether the abstract fits best in the CLINICAL science category or the BASIC science category. The scientific committee will make adjustments to the category as they see fit and based upon the abstract content submitted.
  • Four awards are presented each year. The $2000 prize for the winners may be used for reimbursement for attendance at any scientific conference of the winner’s choice through 2025.
  • Do not register for the conference until you have received your assignment.
  • Resident members selected to present an abstract may use the resident presenter rate of $175. A promo code will be provided to residents selected to present an oral or poster abstract to use during the registration process.


  • Residents will present a two minute “elevator” speech at 9:45 a.m. on Friday morning, and then stand with their poster during the poster session from 10:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for grading purposes. A slide template will be provided for this purpose.
  • All posters should be in place by 12 p.m. on Thursday and remain in place til noon on Saturday.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Please contact Sandi Strother with any questions regarding your presentation. If you have technical issues, please contact Lee Fent at