Partners & Sponsors

Sponsors and exhibitors play an important role in supporting the activities and initiatives of VCS. Their involvement serves multiple purposes:

Financial Support

Sponsors and exhibitors provide financial resources that help sustain the operations of the VCS. This support allows the society to organize conferences, educational events, research programs, and other initiatives aimed at advancing veterinary oncology. The funds provided by sponsors and exhibitors can contribute to improving the quality of education, research, and resources available to veterinary professionals and pet owners.

Industry Collaboration

Sponsors and exhibitors often represent companies, organizations, or institutions that are involved in the field of veterinary oncology. Their collaboration with the VCS facilitates partnerships between the industry and the veterinary community. This collaboration can lead to advancements in technology, treatment options, and supportive care for animals with cancer.

Knowledge and Innovation Sharing

Sponsors and exhibitors frequently showcase their products, services, and innovations at conferences and exhibitions organized by the VCS. This provides an opportunity for veterinary professionals to learn about new treatment modalities, diagnostic tools, pharmaceuticals, and supportive care options. Sponsors and exhibitors contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and foster innovation within the field.

Networking and Engagement

Sponsors and exhibitors often engage with conference attendees, including veterinary professionals, researchers, and students. This engagement allows participants to interact directly with industry representatives, ask questions, and explore potential collaborations. Sponsors and exhibitors may also host educational sessions or workshops, providing attendees with additional learning opportunities.

Support for Professional Development

From time to time, sponsors and exhibitors may offer scholarships, grants, or awards to support the professional development of veterinary professionals and our members. These initiatives can provide financial assistance for research projects, educational opportunities, or attendance at conferences and workshops. By supporting professional development, sponsors and exhibitors contribute to the growth and advancement of the veterinary oncology field.

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