Supporting the Veterinary Oncology Community


The Veterinary Cancer Society is a community welcoming all who are unified by a shared passion for understanding, preventing and treating cancer.


To provide our membership with educational opportunities that will enhance the practice of veterinary oncology, and to inspire scientific and professional interactions by connecting those who have a shared interest in oncology.


Inclusiveness, collaboration, community, learning, science, and innovation


VCS is committed to our vision, our mission and our values in all decisions that we make as an organization.

Dr David Heller
About VCS

The Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS) was formed in 1976 by a small group of veterinarians whose goal was to establish a professional organization dedicated specifically to veterinary oncology.

VCS is a non-profit educational organization consisting of nearly 1,300 specialists in medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, as well as internists, pathologists, and general practitioners from around the world. Professionals, students, residents, interns and technicians all form the membership of the Veterinary Cancer Society today.

The focus of our organization is to encourage research and collaboration among our members.

Each day, hundreds of animals are diagnosed with cancer. Pet owners across the US and around the world reach out to VCS asking for information and assistance in finding treatment options for their pets. We hope that this website will answer some of the questions that you have about cancer in your pet and will assist you in finding options that may exist for you in your community.

Joaqium Henriques with patient
More Than
members and counting

Our members include specialists in medical, surgical and radiation oncology, pathology as well as technicians, trainees and general practitioners from around the world.

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Sandi Strother
The primary purpose of VCS is to advance the practice of veterinary oncology by fostering collaboration, research, and education among veterinary and other medical professionals. Our members breathe life into our organization which is why we do our best to meet their professional needs every day.
Sandi Strother, Executive Director
Continuing Education Opportunities

Providing our members with educational opportunities to advance their careers.

VCS offers a range of online and in-person learning opportunities for our members and the veterinary community at large. These opportunities aim to enhance knowledge and skills in the field of veterinary oncology.

Todd Smith