Effective with the start of 2019, there will be a variety of changes and additions to the VCS Membership structure as recently voted on by the VCS membership.  Please note the changes below and remember that all EARLY membership rates are effective until April 1st.  After April 1st a late fee will be added.  Your membership status may change based on the new criteria below.  Renewal begins on December 1st.

For those who live/practice IN the US or Canada only OR are outside of the US or Canada but DO NOT belong to their “home” oncology association.

CategoryBy April 1stAfter April 1st
New Professionals
(for those who are 0-12 years post-residency)
(for those that don't fit into any other category)

For those who live/practice OUTSIDE of the US or Canada only AND are a current member of his or her own “home” oncology association.  Membership will be verified by VCS.

CategoryBy April 1stAfter April 1st
New Professionals
(for those who are 0-12 years post-residency)


  • 2018 RENEWING MEMBERS:  Technicians who were a 2018 member are allowed complimentary 2019 membership simply by returning the 2019 Membership application found HERE by April 1st.  As of April 2nd, you may renew online for $90 by using the standard membership form found HERE if you live in the US or Canada, or HERE if you live outside of the US or Canada.
  • NEW TECHNICIAN MEMBERS:  Any technician joining VCS for the very first time will pay $40 regardless of the time of year that you join.  Before April 1st you may pay online by starting HERE.  The $40 rate will no longer be active online After April 1st.  Instead you will complete the form that you will find HERE if you reside in the US or Canada.  If you are an international technician that meets the criteria of international membership (see above) click HERE for the proper form.


Emeritus Membership is now available to any past or current VCS member who is fully retired from practicing, consulting, teaching or speaking and who has been, or remains, an active VCS member.  Applicants must have maintained a consistent relationship with VCS for a minimum of 25-years as represented by their membership (may be non-consecutive), conference attendance and/or presentations, their service in a leadership position on the Executive Committee or as a conference chairman.  Emeritus members may not vote nor hold office.  Contact VCS for an application.