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Welcome Aspen Schreiner!

2021 – 2022 Technician Liaison

Hello fellow technicians!

I am so very proud, honored, and humbled to begin my term as your Technician Liaison!  I wish I could have met/reconnected with each of you in person this past October, however until it is safe to do so in person, we’ll just have to get to know each other via the internet.

My passion for animals began at a young age.  When I was 12 my family moved from a “cookie cutter” suburban neighborhood to a 20-acre hay farm in rural Indiana.  From then on, we had a barn that was constantly FILLED with animals!  From dogs, cats, and horses, to wild foxes, raccoons, rabbits, and opossums, there was always some sort of furry friend running around.  Having this many animals of course meant frequent visits from our local veterinarian.  I was always so interested in his work, and never missed an opportunity to lend him a helping hand!

In 2012 I moved to Jacksonville, FL.  Shortly thereafter I began my career in veterinary medicine, while also pursuing my degree in veterinary technology.  I immediately fell in love with the work, the people, and (of course!) the patients!  After graduating and achieving CVT status, I stepped into the role of veterinary oncology technician at Southeast Veterinary Oncology and Internal Medicine, where I remain to this day!  Working here has allowed me to truly spread my wings and become the best technician I can be.

As I’m sure you can agree with, working in veterinary medicine is certainly not JUST A JOB.  It could probably be described as more of a lifestyle, honestly!  Our lives as veterinary technicians teach us not only the skills and knowledge necessary to perform our work, but also valuable lessons in patience, compassion, the importance of self-care, and friendship.  While in tech school I met my best friend and partner-in-crime, Casey.   While working in general practice, I fell in love with the cute senior technician who taught me the basics of veterinary medicine.  Seven years later we are happily engaged and raising our three-year-old daughter together.  My two cats were both strays brought into the clinic I worked at, and now live “fat and sassy” with my two rescue dogs.  Some of my best, closest friends in the world are my coworkers.  This career has brought me joy, tears, sleepless nights, knowledge, and all kinds of love.

Again, I am very honored to step into the role of Technician Liaison!  I look forward to serving VCS, encouraging new membership, assisting my fellow technician members in any way I can, and getting to get to know each and every one of you!


Aspen Schreiner, VCS Technician Liaison


  • 2021 RENEWING MEMBERS: Thanks to the generosity of Epicur Pharma, sister division of Stokes Pharmacy, 2022 membership renewals for all current VCS member techncians are provide complimentary. Please renew online using the code previously emailed to you or submit a hard copy of the renewal form to Cindy Hazelrigg at Thank you, Epicur Pharma!


  • NEW TECHNICIAN MEMBERS:  Any technician joining VCS for the very first time will pay $40 regardless of the time of year that you join.  Before April 2nd you may pay online by starting HERE.  The $40 rate will no longer be active online after April 1st.  Instead you will complete the form that you will find HERE if you reside in the US or Canada.  If you are an international technician that meets the criteria of international membership (see above) click HERE for the proper form.


Thank you for joining us virtually for the 2021 Technician Workshop at VCS! All information for the 2022 Technician Workshop at the VCS Annual Conference can be found HERE!  We hope to see you in person in 2022 in Norfolk, VA!

If you were unable to attend the 2021 Virtual Conference, it’s not too late.  All of the technician presentations are available for both CE and non-CE purposes.  You can still register and watch any presentation that you would like.  Log in to your member account to register.  When you do, you’ll receive an email that provides you with log in instructions for the conference platform as well as to the CE site.


Are you interested in pursing your VTS in oncology?  The Veterinary Cancer Society provides a travel scholarship to as many as two veterinary technician members who pursue their specialty certification.  For more information click HERE.

For complete information about the specialty exam and application process through AIMVT, click HERE.


If you are a VCS member technician who is thinking about pursuing your VTS in oncology but you want help with the application process, we have a new Prep Course just for you.  For details, click HERE.

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Our mission is to be an advocate of the cancer patient and maintain the highest standards of care and treatment of animals with cancer. We attain this mission by promoting technician communication, education, and specialization in the field of veterinary oncology.


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