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Pacific Northwest Pet ER & Specialty Center (Vancouver, WA) is seeking a Full-time Veterinary Assistant

Pacific Northwest Pet ER & Specialty Center (Vancouver, WA) is seeking a full-time veterinary assistant to join our Oncology team!

Veterinary assistants are responsible for performing advanced medical, diagnostic, and laboratory procedures under the direction of a licensed veterinarian. 


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Manage and provide for the patient’s needs in the oncology department. Patient order set up (orders should be checked by an LVT or DVM until the team is comfortable with set up Estimated time of 3-6 months).
  • Assist technicians with radiographic procedures.
  • Running lab work as directed by technician and preparing samples for outside laboratory testing.
  • Obtaining an accurate patient history, proper client communication and record keeping. Patient discharges.
  • Restraint of patients for IV catheters, physical examinations, minor procedures (ex. Central line placement and ultrasounds).
  • Filling pre-printed prescriptions.
  • Witnessing drawing of controlled drugs.
  • Assist with administration of chemotherapy
  • Blood typing, crossmatching and transfusion medicine (once properly trained).
  • Basic non- chemotherapy drug calculations (calculations should be checked by an LVT or DVM until the team is comfortable with calculations. Estimated time of 3-6 months)
  • Initiation of fluid therapy.
  • Patient care of stable patients in isolation.
  • Document legibly and keep accurate medical records in accordance to hospital policy.
  • All employees will be scheduled and expected to work rotating holiday shifts in the emergency and critical care department.
  • All employees are required to participate in the on-call rotation as needed. Shifts are subject to revisions and changes at the discretion of the hospital.
  • Clear understanding and enforcement of OSHA regulations and hospital safety standards.


  • Must have minimum two years’ experience in veterinary medicine. Oncology Preferred
  • Must have valid high school diploma or GED. AVA preferred but not required.
  • Knowledge of general surgical procedures and protocols.
  • Knowledge of advanced patient handling and restraint.
  • Excellent communication skills. Strong work ethic and a positive attitude.
  • Must be flexible and able to adapt to new situations.
  • Ability to act as a team player, adhering to all core values of the hospital.

Apply at:

Posted: 9/26/2022

Pacific Northwest Pet ER & Specialty Center (Vancouver, WA) is seeking a Veterinary Technician

Pacific Northwest Pet ER & Specialty Center (Vancouver, WA) is seeking a veterinary technician to join our Oncology team!

The Oncology veterinary technicians ensure that the patients of the medical oncology department receive the appropriate care/treatments that they require as well as assist the doctors with their daily cases and procedures.


Primary Responsibilities:


  • Provide follow-up care for patients and clients
  • Provide client education on drug side effects, common toxicity, half-life, nadir, and handling of animal waste products while on chemotherapy
  • Provide client education on common treatment approaches for the basic cancer types, including mean survival times with and without treatment, and typical sites of metastasis

Treatment of Patients:

  • Obtain and record vitals, provide prescribed nursing care
  • Utilize gentle patient handling techniques and ask for sedation when needed
  • Venipuncture and intravenous catheter placement
  • Fill and administer oral and parenteral medications


  • Employ knowledge of anesthetic and monitoring equipment (anesthesia machine, capnograph, pulse oximeter, doppler, ECG, ventilator)
  • Develop anesthetic plans from pre-anesthesia to recovery
  • Administer anesthetic, analgesic, and sedative medications when prescribed and monitor through recovery
  • Perform general anesthesia and monitor for CT or other procedures
  • Perform calculations of basic drugs and be knowledgeable of various routes of drug administration


  • Set up for FNA’s and prepare to submit to lab
  • Perform and set up for basic laboratory tests (i.e. packed cell volume, total protein/solids, urinalysis, cytology staining, manual platelet count)

Chemotherapy administration:

  • Set up appropriate materials for chemotherapy administration
  • Proper restraint of patient during IV chemo administration
  • Proper monitoring of IV chemo administration site during administration
  • Be familiar with the calculation of IV fluid drip rates
  • Check chemotherapy agent calculations and dosages
  • Correctly calculate the size of a patient using lb, kg, m2.
  • Properly and safely mix and draw up chemotherapeutic agents using proper PPE
  • Safely dispense and administer oral chemotherapy using proper safety techniques
  • Safely dispense, reconstitute and administer SC/IM chemotherapy agents
  • Properly place an IV catheter for chemotherapy infusion
  • Safely administer IV chemotherapy using proper drawing techniques, administration techniques, and proper PPE
  • Assist with intracavitary chemotherapy administration
  • Demonstrate how to properly handle a chemotherapy spill
  • Properly handle and dispose of chemotherapy waste materials and patient waste
  • Demonstrate techniques for handling chemotherapy extravasations including the use of antidotes where applicable


  • Completion of an AVMA-Accredited Veterinary Technician Program
  • Currently licensed in WA state, or able to transfer an out of state technician license.
  • Punctual and with good attendance; Multitasking skills
  • Willing to work rotating holiday shifts in the emergency and critical care department.

Apply at:

Posted: 9/26/2022

Canada West Veterinary Specialists (Vancouver, BC) is seeking an Oncology Technician

Canada West Veterinary Specialists is hiring! We are looking for a permanent, full-time Oncology Veterinary Technician to join our team. Canada West Veterinary Specialists is an exciting full-service multi-disciplinary specialty referral practice with a dedicated 24-hour ERCC service.


At Canada West, you can look forward to continuous learning, unique cases within a highly dynamic, specialty environment, and growth through Canada West’s very own development program.  This program allows our technicians to excel through 5 different levels, and personalized training programs in both sedation and general anesthesia.

This position is responsible primarily for care of Oncology patients including preparing patient for procedures, following treatment plans, administering drugs, monitoring vital signs and over-all patient assessment. Communication with clients and referring veterinarians is an integral part of the role. Both client communications and hands-on patient care are conducted under the direct supervision of the Oncologist.


  • Must develop a thorough understanding of all procedures and protocols within the Oncology service as well as the ability to use all equipment safely and effectively.
  • Perform technical nursing skills such as: IV catheter placement, blood collection, urine collection (cystocentesis, catheterization), taking radiographs, etc.
  • Perform sedation for procedures such as CT, oral exams, ultrasounds, and radiographs. *Sedation training will be provided if not already trained.
  • Calculates, dispenses and administers medications at the direction of the Oncologist on the case.
  • Ensures that procedures, medications etc. are accurately documented on Smartflow sheets in advance of daily invoicing.
  • Communicates efficiently and effectively with clients, referring veterinarians, CWVS doctors and staff, and ensures that all communications are accurately logged in Ezyvet.
  • Ensures detailed patient histories are obtained from clients and communicates this to the Oncologist.
  • Responsible for accurately documenting all patient information while on shift and for ensuring that this information is transmitted in a timely and efficient manner to staff in Wards, ICU, and to other Oncology staff who may be involved in individual cases.
  • Ensures supply inventory is sufficient to meet the needs of the Oncology service.
  • Ensures that all equipment is properly maintained, and that maintenance is documented.
  • Ensures Standard Operating Procedures are current and comprehensive.
  • Keeps the Oncology workstation and procedures areas clean and organized.
  • Ensures that Oncology Assistant is accomplishing their duties and that the Technician Supervisor or Human Resources is aware of any performance issues.
  • Facilitate a positive work environment.
  • Actively participates in all offered in house CE
  • Performs other duties as required.
  • As a member of the overall CWVS team, you may be required to assist in other areas of the hospital when your service is not in need of you or if the doctor on the service is away. This could involve working any shift within the 24-hour operating day of the hospital including weekends and holidays.


  • Strong organizational skills with ability to recognize and establish priorities
  • Attention to detail.
  • Strong venipuncture skills.
  • Strong mathematics skills (drug dose calculations, CRI’s, dilutions).
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Willingness and capability to learn and master new techniques that may be different from other specialties.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to remain calm in emergencies and emotionally charged or sensitive situations.
  • Demonstrate compassion and patience for clients that are processing a variety of emotions associated with a patient diagnosed with cancer.
  • Demonstrate proficient computer skills.
  • Strong desire to learn and excel within the profession.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Chemotherapy safety and personal protective equipment.


  • Graduate of an accredited program for Veterinary Technologists.
  • Demonstrated skills, experience and training that would qualify the individual for a position of responsibility within the Oncology service.
  • Background understanding of Chemotherapy, treatment and drugs preferred but not required.


  • 4 days a week; either Monday – Thursday OR Tuesday to Friday
  • 10-hour days; 8:00 am to 6:30 pm

To apply for the role, contact us at:!

Posted: 8/14/2022