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Veterinary Referral Center seeks Radiation Oncologist

VRC in Malvern, PA is seeking a Radiation Oncologist that enjoys learning and collaborating in a well-supported facility housing state-of-the-art equipment, innovative technology and happy technicians! VRC is looking for a Radiation Oncologist to step into a role that is an established service and priority need in the rDVM community.


The VRC team includes, Medical Oncology, ECC, Surgery, Cardiology, Radiology and Rehab services. This team is commtitted to providing current medicine and top care for optimal patient outcomes. The hospital has CT, MRI, linear accelerator, C-arm, Ultrasond, endoscopes and a radiologist available! As part of the Compassion First Pet Hospitals Network you will have the expertise of many specialists available. Give yourself the opportunity to grow and develop the skills and practice style of which you have dreamed.

A generous sign on bonus and relocation allowance are available and great salary and benefits are offered.

Malvern, PA is a West suburb of Philadelphia for city life and yet outdoor activity opportunities abound including beaching, skiing and hiking/camping. This practice serves referrals from: DE, MD, NJ and PA.

If interested, please contact Dr. Laura Buscher at or call (815) 674-6000.

(Posted 6/26/2017)

Veterinary Referral Center seeks Medical Oncologist

If you are interested in being part of a progressive emergency and referral hospital, VRC is accepting applications for a full-time oncologist to join our team. Applicants must be board certified or have completed residency training.


VRC, located in Malvern, PA is a comprehensive, specialty veterinary healthcare center opens 365 days a year for appointments and emergency care that offers advanced diagnostic testing, treatment, and ongoing management of a variety of medical conditions.

We are looking to rebuild and redefine our Medical Oncology Department. We are seeking a group of experienced and personable team players to join our team and provide a friendly, approachable, and integrative approach to cancer care.

Our Medical Oncology Department consists of one radiation oncologist who is supported by 8 Medical oncologists in the Compassion-First Pet Hospital Network. The hospital features dedicated chemotherapy suites to ensure safe and controlled administration of chemotherapeutic agents, and we are one of only a few private practices in the country to offer the Varian 2100 C/D Linear Accelerator with Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). IMRT delivers radiation treatments with extreme precision and dose control — the same sophisticated technology used to treat cancer in humans. This advanced technology enables us to treat cancers previously untreatable with radiation therapy, sparing some patients the invasive techniques of surgery and/or chemotherapy.

In addition to oncology, other hospital specialties include cardiology, dentistry & oral surgery, emergency & critical care, internal medicine,  rehabilitative and integrative medicine, radiology, surgery (orthopedic, neuro, soft tissue).

VRC offers an exceptionally generous compensation package as well as great benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K, and vacation. For more information, please contact: Dr. Laura Buscher at

(Posted 6/26/2017)

VetMed (Phoenix, AZ) seeks Medical Oncologist

VETMED, located in Phoenix, Arizona is seeking medical oncologist to join their growing practice. Applicants should be Board Certified or have completed residency training.

VETMED is a beautiful 13,000-square-foot specialty referral and 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital offering specialty services in cardiology, internal medicine, critical care radiology and surgery and is surrounded by many outdoor activity opportunities and culture venues.


In 2013 VETMED was awarded a Referral Accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association. VETMED was founded by a veterinarian, is managed by veterinarians, and is supported by a dedicated staff. Our goal is to provide extraordinary care and service to our patients, clients and our VETMED team. Learn more by visiting our website:

We offer an exceptionally generous compensation package as well as great benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K, and vacation. For more information, please contact Dr. Laura Buscher at

(Posted 6/26/2017)

Red Bank Veterinary Hospital seeks Medical Oncologist

Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Mt Laurel has a fantastic opportunity for a Medical Oncologist looking to join a brand new facility and established practice. Enjoy skilled, happy technicians and technician specialists while working with the latest technology and equipment.



Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Mt Laurel has many specialties represented including radiology, anesthesiology, critical care, IM, medical oncology, surgery, neurology and nutrition. This team is eager to offer the very best medicine available to their patients and continues to learn and develop new techniques, protocols and procedures through a well-supported and collaborative culture.

For more information, please contact Dr. Laura Buscher at or (815) 674-6000

(Posted 6/26/2017)

East End Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center seeks Medical Oncologist

The East End Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center (EEVESC) in Riverhead, NY is seeking a board-certified or residency trained medical oncologist for our Long Island Specialty Hospital.  East End Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center (EEVESC) has partnered with Compassion-First Pet Hospitals. Collaboration, patient and client focus and strong sense of community coupled with excellent whole-pet medicine are our goals.



East End Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center (EEVESC) is a specialized emergency, critical care and referral facility. We offer emergency treatment 24 / 7. The hospital currently has IM, Surgery and oncology services.

Riverhead is in very close location to Long Island is the longest and largest island in the contiguous US and contains 40% of the population of New York. Long Island is home to a vibrant scientific community including world leading laboratories such as Cold Spring Harbor Lab and Brookhaven National Laboratories. EEVESC has a history of collaborative relationships with both of these labs and strongly believes in and fosters these and other relationships. Long Island also has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, excellent wineries (at affordable prices unlike Napa), and has a wonderful mass transportation system for those times when you want to see a show or spend the day in Manhattan.

EEVESC and Compassion-First reward their team members with an impressive salary and a comprehensive benefits package.  If interested, you may send your CV to Dr. Laura Buscher @  or visit for all Compassion First Pet Hospital opportunities.

(Posted 6/26/2017)

Care Center (Virginia) seeks Medical Oncologist

CARE Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA is seeking an Oncologist at their specialty hospital. This position is open as a result of growth. There is not another specialty and ER referral hospital within an hour radius. Be at the center of great medicine. Enjoy a licensed tech team and be well supported. The schedule is flexible to suit your lifestyle. The Salary and benefits are generous and relocation allowances are available.



Fredericksburg, VA is a great area nestled 1 hour between Washington DC and Richmond, VA. Culture and sports are nearby and rolling countryside and history abound. VA has numerous outdoor activities and the best vineyards west of the Mississippi.

If you have interest in this position or need more information, Please contact Dr. Laura Buscher, DVM, cell- 815-674-6000 or

(Posted 6/26/2017)

Care Center (Cincinnati) seeks Medical Oncologist

Care Center in Cincinnati, OH is looking for a board certified/eligible Oncologist to become part of our team.

Care Center is a multi-specialty practice with locations in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio.  Our current referral services include board certified specialists in: Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Oncology, Critical Care, and Rehabilitation. In addition we have 3 surgeons and the only 2  DACVECCS in the Tri-state.  Our team of skilled ER doctors provides 24-hour care for your patients.  Our 21,000 SF facility offers in-house CT,  a trilogy, interventional radiology, ultrasonography, minimally invasive surgery, and I-131.


Care Center is the only veterinary practice for over 500 miles that offers SRS, a groundbreaking treatment option providing new hope to pets with cancer. Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is an advanced form of radiation therapy widely used in human medicine. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical, painless treatment in which high doses of precisely focused radiation beams destroy the cancerous tumor—without damaging nearby healthy tissue. This advanced technology, curative in nature, is making an enormous difference in the lives of pets and their families. SRS has been extremely effective in treating humans with cancer. Now, Care Center, in partnership with PetCure Oncology, is revolutionizing the delivery of radiosurgery for pets.

We think you’ll find Care Center an exceptionally comfortable place to practice. We consider our greatest asset to be the exceptional staff who contribute to making Care Center an enjoyable, stimulating, and professional, yet fun work environment. At Care Center, all disciplines collaborate care for our patients.  We believe an integrated approach to patient care benefits our patients, clients, referring veterinarians, and our staff doctors.  We offer a very competitive salary and benefits package – including base salary with eligibility for monthly production bonus, paid time off, a CE stipend, reimbursed moving expenses, and 401(k) , as well as medical, dental, vision, life, and disability benefits.

To learn more about Care Center, please visit  You can also e-mail your CV directly to

(Posted 6/26/2017)

AVETS seeks Medical Oncologist

AVETS in Pittsburgh, PA is seeking an Oncology Specialist to join our collaborative team. Our specialists in surgery, internal medicine, anesthesia and critical care work together with our 24-hour emergency service. We utilize a true multidisciplinary approach to cases, to fulfill our mission of providing best medicine and compassionate care to pets and the people that love them.


Compensation is very generous in addition to an attractive benefits package, inclusive of a hospital-wide bonus system. In recent years Pittsburgh has consistently ranked as one of America’s most loveable cities ( and is Zagat’s top rated food city. The New York Times listed Pittsburgh as one of the lowest cost of living areas for the value.

AVETS is happy to call Pittsburgh home and you can too with a generous relocation pkg.  Send your CV to: 

(Posted 6/26/2017)

AERA seeks Medical Oncologist

AERA in Fairfield NJ is a well-established and respected Multi-Specialty and Emergency referral hospital. We are seeking to expand our medical oncology department to accommodate growth.  You will have the support of excellent technicians and other specialties including anesthesiology, IM, cardiology, ophthalmology, surgery, ER and nutrition.




Our goal is to provide the best possible patient outcomes and a comforting experience for our clients. We are looking for a medical oncologist (boarded or residency trained) that will fit with our community of passionate doctors. We only select those individuals that have outstanding abilities and are truly committed to excellence; not only technically, but also in terms of communication, compassion/empathy, and leadership.

To learn more about us, visit

For more information, contact Dr. Laura Buscher at OR (815)-674-6000

(Posted 6/26/2017)

The Oncology Service seeks Medical Oncologists

The Oncology Service is looking for two Medical Oncologists to join our team in the greater Washington DC area.  Located in the heart of Springfield, Virginia, The Oncology Service at RVRC offers a unique blend of state of the art medicine with a level of compassionate care that is unsurpassed. We are searching for two Medical Oncologists to complete our team.


The Oncology Service is looking for two Medical Oncologists to join our team in the greater Washington DC area.  Located in the heart of Springfield, Virginia, The Oncology Service at RVRC offers a unique blend of state of the art medicine with a level of compassionate care that is unsurpassed. We are searching for two Medical Oncologists to complete our team.

At TOS, we believe that the diagnosis of cancer in a pet is not the end but rather, the beginning of an opportunity to identify solutions that can improve that pet’s quality of life while maximizing the time they have to enjoy it with their families.  If you are interested in working with amazing people and caring for great pets and clients, we might have just the job for you

The Oncology Service (TOS) provides secondary and tertiary care to veterinary patients in the field of Medical and Radiation Oncology within its practices in the greater Washington, DC Area.  Our staff in Medical Oncology includes Drs. Chand Khanna, Tony Rusk, Christina Manley, Ang Waite, Bridget Stewart, and Abbie Speas.  Radiation oncology includes Drs. Ira Gordon, Pam White and Lauren Smith

As a team of more than 10 veterinarians exclusively dedicated to the practice of oncology, we can provide an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, experience, and collaboration, including the opportunities for involvement in oncology residency and internship training, with two ACVIM approved programs; regular internal case conferences on interesting cases, weekly Journal club and didactic residency rounds.

At TOS, we strive to provide “The Future of Veterinary Cancer Care” to our clients and patients.  This means providing compassionate and thoughtful care when pets need it most. This care is provided within and with direct support and collaboration of multi-specialty veterinary hospitals. It also means access to state-of-the-art cancer therapies (including stereotactic radiation at two of our locations) and clinical trials.

We are located 20 minutes from of Old Town Alexandria, VA and 30 minutes from Washington, D.C. We are also within short driving distance of the Mid-Atlantic beaches and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whether you opt for the city or the country, the beaches or the mountains, there is always fun within your reach.

If you are interested in learning more, please see our website:, and contact Chand Khanna DVM, PhD, DACVIM (ONC.), DACVP (Hon.) at or Ira Gordon DVM DACVR (RO) at

(Posted 5/23/2017)

Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego (VSHSD) seeks Medical Oncologist

The Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego (VSHSD) is looking for a third Medical Oncologist to join us. We are seeking a board-certified or eligible residency-trained Medical Oncologist to join our well-established and growing practice with two San Diego locations.


Our focus is to provide the ultimate experience to every client, for every visit, and to provide outstanding medical service with a very high standard of care. We are a highly collaborative service that strives for a personalized medicine approach to our cases.

Our staff includes 28 board-certified specialists who provide the most comprehensive veterinary medicine available in the region. Other specialties include radiation oncology, internal medicine, surgery, neurology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, dermatology, radiology, and emergency and critical care. Our technical staff is highly skilled and motivated.

VSH is proud to be the home of STAT Veterinary Laboratory, a full service, in-house reference laboratory that provides unquestioned reliability with rapid turnaround on tests, including chemotherapy-related blood work and cytology. VSH is also part of the Ethos Veterinary Health family of hospitals, an organization that offers collaborative approaches and research efforts with like-minded doctors across the nation.

The qualified individual will have responsibilities for medical oncology coverage shared between both locations and for mentoring and teaching externs, interns and residents.

We offer a competitive benefits package, compensation and a desirable work schedule. Interested applicants should be highly motivated to provide the highest quality patient and client care in an environment that prizes collaboration and innovation.

San Diego boasts beautiful beaches, the diverse cultural and recreational opportunities of a large city, and temperate weather to appreciate them year-round!

For more information about VSH, visit our website at
If interested in becoming part of this team, please send a cover letter and CV to

(Posted 7/18/2016)

Nashville Veterinary Specialists seeks Board Certified Oncologist 

NVS is a young, but well-established and growing 24-hour emergency and specialty practice with a referral base of more than 200 veterinarians and a growing caseload. We are seeking a full-time oncologist to join our excellent team.


NVS is a young, but well-established and growing 24-hour emergency and specialty practice with a referral base of more than 200 veterinarians and a growing caseload. We are seeking a full-time oncologist to join our excellent team.

Candidates should be board certified or have completed residency training. Our hospital has boarded diplomats in internal medicine, surgery, oncology, dermatology and neurology. Specialty equipment includes on site CT and MRI, digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, cystoscopy and electrodiagnostics. Round-the-clock care is provided for all our patients through our 24-hour emergency services. We work out of a newly constructed approximately 14,000 square foot facility. We are also deeply committed to environmental sustainability, which is obvious to anyone visiting our practice.

GQ Magazine calls Nashville “Nowville” referring to the city’s strong business climate, mild weather, good schools and awesome life style. There is easy access to outdoor activities like hiking and water sports, plus professional sports teams and arguably the best music scene in the country. Yes, we have all types of music, not just country.

In addition to a competitive salary, NVS offers a comprehensive benefits package and relocation bonus. We are looking for a hard working and compassionate Cardiologist with broad abilities and a strong desires to contribute to our team. NVS focuses on delivering the highest quality care to our patients, the best service to our clients and effective teamwork.

Please email your CV to:

(Posted 5/1/2017)

University of Missouri seeks Medical Oncology Professor

The University of Missouri Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery invites applicants for an open faculty position of Assistant or Associate Professor of Medical Oncology (Tenure or Teaching Track).  Interested applicants please go to to view complete job posting and to apply online for Job Opening ID 22678.


Job Description

The successful candidate will join an established oncology service dedicated to teaching, clinical and basic science research, and the highest quality patient care.  The distribution of activities will depend upon whether a tenure-track or teaching track position is pursued. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Teaching students (professional and graduate students) and house officers in clinical and didactic settings.
  • Participating in a busy and progressive oncology service.
  • Scholarly activity. For a non-tenure track individual, this will include collaboration on clinical research projects, authorship of book chapters, reviews, or other activities relating to oncology or education. For a tenure track individual, this will include development of an independent research focus that will strengthen or extend the work currently being done in the Comparative Oncology and Epigenetics Laboratory.
  • Participation in the NCI Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium (COTC) and the Canine Comparative Oncology and Genomics Consortium (CCOGC) activities.


Applicants must have a DVM or equivalent degree; Board certification (ACVIM, Specialty of Oncology) or completion of residency resulting in eligibility for board certification by ACVIM, Specialty of Oncology; eligibility to obtain and maintain a regular or faculty license to practice veterinary medicine in the state of Missouri, eligibility to obtain and maintain DEA and BNDD certificates.  Individuals with additional specialty certification (Radiation Oncology), advanced degrees, and other relevant experience are encouraged to apply.

Salary and Benefit Eligibility

Salary will be commensurate with training and expertise.   These positions are eligible for University benefits.  The University offers a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental and vision plans, retirement, and educational fee discounts.  For additional information on University benefits, please visit the Faculty & Staff Benefits website at

Application Materials

Interested candidates should go to to apply online for Job Opening ID 22678.  Please direct inquiries about the position to Dr. Jeffrey Brian, Chair of Oncology Search Committee, 573-882-7821 or

(Posted 4/6/2017)

Southern New Hampshire Veterinary Referral seeks board certified oncologists

Locum / Relief Oncologist – March, April 2017


Our specialty hospital system, with three locations throughout picturesque New Hampshire and centrally located 30 minutes north of Boston, is in search of a boarded veterinary Oncologist for the months of March and April.  There will also be opportunities to relieve our Oncology staff at various other times throughout the year as our staff vacations.  We also have a part-time or full-time Oncology position available as we are expanding our oncology department due to high demand.  Visit for more company information.

Locum work with us includes paid transportation and accommodations as well as an extremely generous daily allowance and pay scale.  Our main location is next to the Manchester-Boston Airport.

If interested in a permanent or relief opportunity with our hospital group located in beautiful coastal New England with locations on the seacoast, the Lakes Region and close to Maine and Massachusetts,

Please contact Doctor Timothy Hunt at

(Posted 2/21/2017)

VSH Hong Kong seeks Specialist in Oncology

VSH Hong Kong, open since 2014, is a world class medical facility in the heart of Hong Kong Island – the first and only dedicated specialty referral hospital in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong pet owners go to remarkable lengths to treat their pets’ medical conditions.  Our referral and emergency caseload is large and growing rapidly.  To enhance our collaborative relationship with the referring veterinary community, we do not offer general practice services.


We are looking for a talented oncology specialist who is a team player and who values working in a collaborative environment, based on mutual respect and support.  Specialist referral is a relatively new concept to Hong Kong, therefore, cultivating professional relationships through communication with referring veterinarians and delivering outstanding patient and client care are fundamental to the position.

Hong Kong is a culturally rich, diverse and safe city with countless opportunities to experience a variety of distinctive cultures.  The city serves as the major transport hub in Southeast Asia, allowing for convenient regional and international travel.  Known as “Asia’s World City,” English is an official language in Hong Kong, along with Cantonese.  With a large and thriving expat population, Hong Kong has everything from easy-to-access beaches, hiking trails and nature reserves, to all the amenities of one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.  Hong Kong is truly an extraordinary place to live!

We currently offer Surgery, Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Anesthesiology and are seeking specialists in other fields.  Equipment in our 15,000 sq ft facility includes digital radiography, ultrasound and echocardiography, fluoroscopy, rigid and flexible endoscopy, and a 16-slice Siemens CT.  In-house pharmaceutical compounding has just been launched, and planning is underway to add MRI.  The possibilities are endless!  The VSH team is paving the way for specialized medicine, elevating veterinary medicine in Hong Kong and throughout Asia.

There is a generous compensation and benefits package, including allowance for cost of living and relocation.

Candidates must be board-certified or eligible to sit for board examination.

Please email a letter of interest, CV and references in complete confidence.

Confidential Inquiries:
Alane Cahalane, DVM, Dip. ACVS

(Posted 2/1/2017)

Southern New Hampshire Veterinary Referral Hospital seeks Board Certified Oncologist

Southern New Hampshire Veterinary Referral Hospital is seeking a full-time board certified Veterinary Oncologist to join our established hospital system and Oncology Department.  A part time position would be considered in addition to this full time opening.


Our New England hospital system is privately owned with two main locations (Portsmouth, NH and Manchester, NH) that are both in beautiful areas approximately a half hour north of Boston.  These locations offer departments and specialists in internal medicine, neurology, cardiology, critical care, surgery, oncology and diagnostic imaging.  The centrally located Manchester hospital is a 32,000 sq./ft. facility designed to promote smooth interaction between all services and houses in-house MRI, CT and other advanced diagnostics as well as multiple surgical suites.  Our coastal Portsmouth location offers specialty services and the region’s most respected 24-hour veterinary ER that has been in the community for over 20 years.

If you’re a board certified Oncologist looking to join an already successful specialty practice, we would like to meet you to discuss your personal long term goals.  Our hospitals operate with our Specialists and clients in mind, so our facilities foster an environment of calm and flexibility, while also providing the advantages of high-tech features.  Specialists in our group work together as a like-minded team to provide patients the best advanced veterinary care in New England.

Southern New Hampshire is an economically stable area well known for its beautiful coastal beaches, large lakes and mountains with close proximity to all that New England has to offer such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking and more.  Our facility is approximately 30 minutes from Boston, 3.5 hours from New York City and next to the Manchester Airport, leaving endless possibilities for travel and entertainment.   Our locations closely border Maine and Massachusetts, and our state is income and sales tax free!  We truly offer the best area of the country for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities as well as arts and culture.

This position offers a generous salary package on a flexible schedule as quality of life is one of our best offers.  You deserve a desirable lifestyle for your hard work!  All equipment is provided along with an exceptionally skilled and certified technician to assist you on a daily basis.  Position also offers excellent vacation and health/dental benefits as well as CE, retirement plan, liability insurance and more for full time employees.  Relocation assistance can be discussed and further opportunities are available for the right individual.  All inquiries are 100% confidential.

Interested Specialists can contact our Chief Operating Officer,
Doctor Timothy Hunt by calling (207) 233-1486 or
or you may contact our owner, Lee Garrod, DACVECC at with questions and resumes.

(Posted 11/16/2016)

University of Tennessee seeks Clinical/Tenure-track Medical Oncologist

The Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine at The University of Tennessee invites applications for a full-time, clinical track or tenure-track faculty position in Medical Oncology at the Assistant/Associate Professor level.  This position will be available immediately. Requirements for the applicant include a DVM or equivalent degree, completion of a formal residency in medical oncology, and certification or eligibility for certification by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in Medical Oncology.


Responsibilities will include clinical and didactic teaching of oncology to professional students, interns and residents; development of a basic science or clinical research program (tenure track); and participation in continuing education at the local and national level.  Depending on level of experience, the candidate might have administrative responsibilities for the oncology service.  The service, which is part of the Internal Medicine Section, has two medical oncologists and a radiation oncologist.  There are two oncology residents. In addition, interns and internal medicine residents rotate through the oncology service.

The Medical Oncology Suite includes a multipurpose treatment area, chemotherapy administration area, technician office, separate canine and feline wards, and a separate rounds/conference room.  The Small Animal Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) is a modern facility completely equipped with all the facilities and expertise needed to provide first class patient care, service, and teaching.  Radiology services include digital radiography, ultrasonography, nuclear medicine, 40 slice computerized tomography, and MRI imaging.  Radiation oncology is supported by a state-of-the-art Varian Linear Accelerator and high-and low-dose radiotherapy facilities.  The VMC has a comprehensive ICU with VECCS Level 1 Certification and two boarded criticalists; a minimally invasive procedures unit with expertise in endoscopy, laparoscopy, and stenting; a state-of-the-art physical therapy facility including hyperbaric oxygen therapy; and onsite stem cell development.  Clinical services are supported by excellent clinical pathology and diagnostic pathology services.  There is also an exotic animal and zoo service with high caseload that interfaces with the oncology group.  A Veterinary Social Work program offers counseling services for clients, faculty, staff and students.  Other support services include behavior and nutrition.

Knoxville is a beautiful and friendly place to live. It was recently named one of the country’s Top 100 Best Places to Live by and one of Forbes Top 25 Best Bang for the Buck Cities, and is commonly known as the ‘Most Dog Friendly City’. It is a short drive away from the Great Smoky Mountains, as well as a number of dog-friendly state parks and recreation areas. Outdoor recreational opportunities include but are not limited to hiking, biking, trail running, climbing and water sports. Knoxville also has a vibrant cultural downtown with excellent restaurants; a bustling farmer’s market featuring locally grown organic produce, meats and crafts; live music of all genres, ballet, and theater; frequent art and cultural festivals; and mens’ and womens’ sporting events.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  For further information, please contact Dr. Jacqueline Whittemore at (865)-974-8387 or by email at  Qualified individuals are invited to submit an application consisting of 1) letter of professional goals, 2) curriculum vitae, 3) names of three professional references to:

Dr. Jacqueline Whittemore, Chair
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences
C 247 Veterinary Medical Center
Knoxville, TN 37996-4544

(Posted 11/1/2016)

Southwest Veterinary Oncology seeks Medical Oncologist

Come and join the team at Southwest Veterinary Oncology in sunny Tucson, AZ. We are looking for a new associate who is board-certified or board-eligible in medical oncology or an individual who is board-certified or board-eligible in both medical and radiation oncology. Our practice has steadily grown over the last 23 years and now has two locations in the metro area.


Tucson provides us with a population base over 1 million and sunshine 300+ days each year. There are multitudes of outdoor activities in town and up in the surrounding mountain ranges. It still maintains the feel of a college town and the University of Arizona Cancer Center provides us with collaborative opportunities. We have always actively participated in veterinary clinical trials.

We have an experienced and well-trained staff that make it fun to come to work. We are housed in a large referral center in both locations which provide 24 hour care and specialty services including emergency and critical care, internal medicine, surgery, anesthesiology, neurology and ophthalmology. Oncology has a gamma camera and CT scanner of its own for diagnostic purposes. MRI, ultrasound and diagnostic radiology are shared among the services. A Clinac 2100EX with a 120 multi-leaf collimator is used for the delivery of radiation therapy.

If you are interested please contact

Dr. Mary Kay Klein at or (520) 907-2466

Job Posting

E-mail us